Flora and Fauna

Hello Lovelies,
  Hope everyone had a terrific Halloween and Halloweekend! <-- (Just added that to my computer's dictionary, it is obviously a real and necessary word!)  My weekend was really good, but too short as usual.  I went and saw the band the Cold War Kids on Friday night, and they were really good.  I didn't know I even knew so much of there stuff until I heard them live.  To me, they are the type of band I don't know its them a lot of the time when I hear it on the radio, but I recognize the songs.  The group of girls I went with and I all wore wigs which made the evening even better!

Outfit Details:
Velvet heels: vintage/ thrifted
Tights: target
Floral cardigan: Sears Grand
Peach Cami: Forever21
Black high-waisted shorts: vintage/ thrifted

These pictures are from two weekends ago when I went to stay on a ranch in Rocky Mountain National Park for the boyfriend's birthday.  We got great weather up there, it was so beautiful! The pictures were taken right outside of our room.  I took a picture of my velvet heels after romping through the high grasses and dirt, perhaps not the best shoe choice for the occasion, but they are super comfy and go with everything!.  The last photo is a view from our balcony-- such an amazing view! I could have just sat out there all day in the sun reading a book with some cocoa and been completely happy.

I have loved seeing all of the other bloggers' Halloween costume posts, such creative ladies! I was a character from the HBO show Game of Thrones (its also a book series).  I was Daenerys Targaryen (khaleesi), who is the queen of a tribe.  Her character kicks some major booty on the show, you should check it out! I am not usually really into dragons and such, but the digital imagery on the show is awesome, as are the medieval clothing and hair styles.  (Oh yes, and the plot..)

Anyway, it is supposed to snow here again tomorrow, what a bummer. Not looking forward to trekking through the snow to work all winter! Hope you all are having better weather than we are!  Also, feel free to leave links to your costume posts, I would love to see them!

xo Hannah


  1. So pretty! It looks like it's still summer, I can't believe it's up in the Rockies!

  2. What an amazing environment! Wonderful outfit too!