Sun vs. Snow

Well let's just say sitting here editing my last outfit photos from Hawaii in the middle of a snowstorm here in Colorado has been a bit of a tease! I have been home for a little over a week now and I am finding it amazing how quickly vacation seems like a distant memory upon return to the real world.  That said,  I am actually happy to be back to work on the shop and even covered in snow, I really love where I live so its not so bad!

Outfit Details: Dress + Sunglasses - gifts from my mom // Heels- Marshalls

It's safe to say this whole outfit is pretty much from my mom!  The palm frond dress was a Christmas gift that matched all the surrounding tropical foliage perfectly. The sunglasses are my favorites ever which she found for me while we were shopping at a grocery store, and the little envelope necklace I was just borrowing from her for the night.
    Anyway, I'm off to convince myself to get my butt to my new gym in the snow and then hem and fix up a bajillion awesome pieces of vintage I found this weekend for the shop!
xo Hannah


  1. love those sunnies! so fabulous! love love love your blog! andddd I am your newest follower! hey-o!

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

    [also, there is a little giveaway up on my blog at the moment]

  2. ooo your mom has awesome, awesome taste! i love when my mom surprises me with pieces she thought i'd like. and can't wait to see your new vintage :D

    xo marlen
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  3. cool sunglasses!


  4. I love how you matched the foliage! And you poor thing--the weather sounds ferocious, especially in comparison with Hawaii. But it also sounds like you're bearing up alright, so that's good :)

  5. This is such a sweet dress, I love the pattern and fit. I cannot wait for summer weather and being able to just toss on a dress and go!!
    Ugh, snowstorms, yuckyuckyuck

  6. This print really does fit so well with where you shot this photo! Such a lovely look, Hannah.

  7. Returning from vacation is definitely easier if you love where you live! The nice thing with Colorado is even though it's freezing, you get a lot of sunshine. I prefer that to grey days, for sure! You really do blend in with your surroundings here- a Hawaiian chameleon!

  8. The dress looks like sunshine, it's such a charming style. I'd love to be in warmth at the moment.