Room makeover for under $30!

I love when I get to see other people's rooms on their blogs and their decorating taste, so I thought I would give a little peak into mine! I will follow shortly with a few pictures of the house I live in currently too.  I moved into this room about 4 months ago, and it took me weeks to find the perfect comforter! The walls of the room are light yellow and the blinds are lavender, so its a kind of difficult color palate to work with.  Anyway, at the beginning of this week I decided i already need a break from the comforter combination I chose, much to my wallet's dismay! Also, I am completely broke, so I really did not have much choice in spending very little on redecorating.  But, I spent the week thrifting (<-- note, my blog does not think that is a word?!)  and I managed to completely change the look of my room for under $30! So excited.  I will start with the before picture, which I loved as well, but it was a little to bright and dorm like for what I am looking for now:
Old comfort and sheet set. Yay college?

 New bed things!

So the things I already had were:
  • Grey Comforter (Target)
  • White flannel sheet set with leaf design (Home Goods)
  • Hanging White Lantern (Home Goods)
  • Black wire mini lanterns (Target)
  • Candles
The thing I got for my small room makeover were:
  • Yellow throw blanket (thrifted, $2.99)
  • Two white lacey throw pillows (thrifted $3.99)
  • Mason jars (thrifted, $1.99)
  • Vintage Yellow floral pillowcases (thrifted, $1.99)
  • Yellow Fuzzy Ruffle pillow (Home Goods $14.99)
So, I spent a total of $26! Not too bad! I really just wanted a more grown up, relaxed look.  I have never been a huge yellow person either, so this was a surprising choice, but I am really happy with how cute and simple it is not.  I also wanted a vintage feel to it, since I run a vintage shop am really loving older aesthetics.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed the mini tour! Have pictures of your own spaces on your blog? Share the link in the comments, I would love to see!
Love, Hannah


Sunflowers for fall

All along the roads this time of year in Colorado are seemingly wild sunflowers.  They make an amazing foreground against the mountains and make driving anywhere that much more enjoyable.  That got me to thinking, it is one of the only flowers that still seems to be really thriving in this end of summer heat that will also last into fall.  I am absolutely loving sunflower prints right now especially on dresses.  Last week I thrifted an adorable sunflower mini, but the bottom hem needs a little bit of work before it goes up in the shop.  Here is a little preview of the dress along with some inspiration from others! Enjoy!



Pink Elephants and Magical Mushrooms

So, in the past I have never been a huge fan of mini golf, but I went the other day and it was actually really fun!  I love the cheesy decorations!  The one I went to had pink elephants, a giraffe, water traps, magical mushrooms, and a castle at the end.  Can't really beat that!  It should also be noted that I lost by 4 points, but I was not keeping very close watch over the score keeper during the game, ahem...  Anyway, thought I would post some pictures from the cute course! 

Elephants on parade
Rob going swimming with the elephant for his last ball!

Me under the giraffe

Me with the magical mushroom! Loved the turquoise & pink one!

The last hole, the Mosaic Castle.

There are some thing money can't buy. (our balls = mastercard logo)

 Adorable vintage seersucker dress, perfect for mini golf and picnics. 
Soon available in my shop!

That's it for now, hope you are having a lovely day!


Baby chicks

So, I promised I would get back with some pictures of the five new baby chicks we just got.  They are SO CUTE and super fun to watch.  They are four days old today.  My roommate did a little photo-shoot of them individually: 

We are trying to handle them as much as possible so they grow up to really like and be comfortable around people.  They are all girls (hopefully- because it is illegal to have roosters in Boulder), but you cannot be positive until they are older.  The black ones name is Dominique (she is a Dominique chicken).  The two brown ones are Easter egg chickens, so they lay pastel Easter eggs! So crazy! The little white fuzzy one is called a silky, and I cannot remember the last one!  I will get back with an update when they are all named.

In another news, today I am going to see Atmosphere at Red Rocks amphitheater,  which should be amazing.  If you don't know them you should check them out, the boyfriend got me hooked.  Plus, anything you see at Red Rocks is amazing. 
Photo Courtesy of http://stillisstillmoving.com/
 My outfit may have to be a poncho though because there may be thunderstorms tonight, ugh.  Also, I finally got a micro SD card for my phone so I can start taking pictures on the go again! Got a new program called Vignette which is amazing for retro or vintage photographs, so I promise outfit pictures actually related to the braided bandit soon! Have a great Friday!


Guess what came in the mail today!

Guess what came in the mail today?! Our tiny baby chicks, and I couldn't be more excited!  I have actually not got to meet them yet, but here is a picture that my roommate took before they went off to work with her boyfriend for the day... I am dying of cuteness and anticipation!

 My roommate and her boyfriend have been building a lovely chicken house in our back yard.  The babies won't live in it yet though for about 6-8 weeks I think.  It is more complete now but this is the only picture I could find. The box is their little heated nest place, and there will be a ramp going down to the ground so they can walk around too!

I don't think the babies have names yet, but I hope I can help with that. Any suggestions? I think it would be cute to name them animal names like Goose, Bear, Foxy, etc.   That, or really formal names would be funny too!  I used to do foster care for the animal shelter for about 6 years growing up, and I miss baby animals! I hope these little guys (acutally, girls) are okay after their trip through the mail though, some times it can be really traumatizing I read.  Anyway,  in a few months we will always have fresh eggs and, even better, new pets!  Alright well, the chicks just got home so I am going to go see and will post more pictures later!  <3 <3