Baby chicks

So, I promised I would get back with some pictures of the five new baby chicks we just got.  They are SO CUTE and super fun to watch.  They are four days old today.  My roommate did a little photo-shoot of them individually: 

We are trying to handle them as much as possible so they grow up to really like and be comfortable around people.  They are all girls (hopefully- because it is illegal to have roosters in Boulder), but you cannot be positive until they are older.  The black ones name is Dominique (she is a Dominique chicken).  The two brown ones are Easter egg chickens, so they lay pastel Easter eggs! So crazy! The little white fuzzy one is called a silky, and I cannot remember the last one!  I will get back with an update when they are all named.

In another news, today I am going to see Atmosphere at Red Rocks amphitheater,  which should be amazing.  If you don't know them you should check them out, the boyfriend got me hooked.  Plus, anything you see at Red Rocks is amazing. 
Photo Courtesy of http://stillisstillmoving.com/
 My outfit may have to be a poncho though because there may be thunderstorms tonight, ugh.  Also, I finally got a micro SD card for my phone so I can start taking pictures on the go again! Got a new program called Vignette which is amazing for retro or vintage photographs, so I promise outfit pictures actually related to the braided bandit soon! Have a great Friday!

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