Room makeover for under $30!

I love when I get to see other people's rooms on their blogs and their decorating taste, so I thought I would give a little peak into mine! I will follow shortly with a few pictures of the house I live in currently too.  I moved into this room about 4 months ago, and it took me weeks to find the perfect comforter! The walls of the room are light yellow and the blinds are lavender, so its a kind of difficult color palate to work with.  Anyway, at the beginning of this week I decided i already need a break from the comforter combination I chose, much to my wallet's dismay! Also, I am completely broke, so I really did not have much choice in spending very little on redecorating.  But, I spent the week thrifting (<-- note, my blog does not think that is a word?!)  and I managed to completely change the look of my room for under $30! So excited.  I will start with the before picture, which I loved as well, but it was a little to bright and dorm like for what I am looking for now:
Old comfort and sheet set. Yay college?

 New bed things!

So the things I already had were:
  • Grey Comforter (Target)
  • White flannel sheet set with leaf design (Home Goods)
  • Hanging White Lantern (Home Goods)
  • Black wire mini lanterns (Target)
  • Candles
The thing I got for my small room makeover were:
  • Yellow throw blanket (thrifted, $2.99)
  • Two white lacey throw pillows (thrifted $3.99)
  • Mason jars (thrifted, $1.99)
  • Vintage Yellow floral pillowcases (thrifted, $1.99)
  • Yellow Fuzzy Ruffle pillow (Home Goods $14.99)
So, I spent a total of $26! Not too bad! I really just wanted a more grown up, relaxed look.  I have never been a huge yellow person either, so this was a surprising choice, but I am really happy with how cute and simple it is not.  I also wanted a vintage feel to it, since I run a vintage shop am really loving older aesthetics.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed the mini tour! Have pictures of your own spaces on your blog? Share the link in the comments, I would love to see!
Love, Hannah

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