Sequins and Stripes

Never have I ever had a better dress for spinning!  This was actually originally going to be my New Years Eve dress, but with a little shipping mishap to Hawaii it ended up arriving after I had already left.  
It ended up being even better this way though because my mom was able to ship it to me and it was like a late Christmas present!

Dress: c/o eShakti
Boots: Sam and Libby via DSW
Tights: Target
Striped Shirt: thrifted Ralph Lauren

     I am sure you guys have already heard of eShakti since they have been all over the blogosphere lately, but this dress (available here) is my first piece from them and I am in love!  Not only do they have an amazing selection of cute clothes, but you are able to customize the piece to fit you perfectly.  I could have added sleeves, shortened the hem, removed the pockets... the list goes on.  I have to say, I am thrilled with the dress (holy-sequined-collar!)  and it fits like a glove.  I am already adding this pretty yellow dress and this adorable nautical dress to my wishlist!  Have you guys ever shopped there before?  If you are a new customer you even get a $25 gift certificate for your first purchase!  If you have styled an eShakti piece before, I would love to take a peek if you leave the link in the comments!
     This dress was also part of what I styled for our first Stripes Style Challenge over on the Flock Together blog.  Head on over to see how the other lovely ladies' favorite ways to style stripes!
xo Hannah


  1. Soooo cute!! Love the layers girl- and that is one cute dress!! New follower!


  2. Nobody had even worn sequins and stripes so well together. Love this. Xx. McKenna Lou

  3. What a cute dress - AND location! Wow :) When I was a little girl I used to spin all the time.

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  4. Your so cute! Love this outfit so much :)

  5. aww this dress looks amazing on you! the sequin collar is so fun & i love how you thought to put a stripped top under. i'm all about the layering under dresses now in winter but always default to a plain black so i'll have to follow your idea next. beautiful photos too btw.. always makes me want to move to CO!

  6. I really like this dress. You look so nice. Love this outfit.


  7. Seriously, Hannah, this might be my favorite outfit of yours. It's just perfect. The dress is an absolute dream and the stripes and tights are perfect touches. I may or may not have stared at your picture for awhile on Flock Together yesterday because I love it so much. Creepy? Yes. Do I care? Not at all. :)

  8. So cute! I love the length of the dress and the sequined collar. Oh, and thanks for that cute homemade banner in my package! I love it!



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. I've never shopped there but I may just have to take advantage of the $25 credit... :) You look adorable as ever- I love have you have it layered for that Colorado cold. That is such a pretty color of tights!

  10. Gorgeous outfit! Love the stripes under the dress. Love your blog!

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  11. you look amazing! definitely a spin-worthy frock :)

  12. that dress is super cute! i love the color tights you added to it. nice styling.

  13. Isn't eShakti the best? I love the dress you chose - that sequined peter pan collar is adorable!
    And omgsh...those teal tights!! :D Love those!!

    Trendy Teal

  14. dresses that are good for spinning are definitely the best kind, especially if they have a sequined collar attached to them too! so cute. :)

    little henry lee

  15. Aww this is too lovely! I"m defs going to check out eShakti :D

  16. wow - i am totally in love with your blog! it is gorgeous! keep on the good work - i follow now! <3
    i'd be very glad if u could visit my blog too :)


  17. Fancy that! We did post our eShakti dresses on the same week ...hehe. This is so gorgeous Hannah! Somehow I missed this dress when choosing my swan one....what a beaut it is! It actually reminds me a tad of the Miss Selfridge one you swapped from me which makes me think I can style mine pretty similar to this :-) I really do need to scout out some more cute booties at the thrift though - you have some of the best ones I've seen around. Have one sweet week doll!

    xo Marisa

    1. This TOTALLY reminds me of your dress, I actually think I ordered this right after borrowing yours because I loved it so much! :)

  18. This is great! I am really a sucker for those new bib necklaces

  19. I love this one! I love the color of the tights! I just bought a dress and a blouse in the same color :) and the dress is super cute too!
    And now I am going to look at this eshakti website ;)


  20. I love this outfit and I love these pictures! I miss Boulder :(

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes

  21. really cute dress:) fits you so well!

  22. Love your photo backgrounds! So different than what you usually see on blogs, it's refreshing.