A walk through the jungle

Still posting Hawai'i photos, but I am almost all caught up!  Then its back to the snowy backdrop of the Rockies.   These are a few of my favorite pictures from the Hawai'i Tropical Botanical Garden near Hilo on the big island.  It is an amazing place consisting of a boardwalk through a lush jungle of tropical flora and fauna. Many of the plants looked to me like small alien species instead of flowers!  Full of intricate spirals, complex geometry and an plethora of exotic colors, it was truly a beautiful place in paradise!

Medinilla alata "Lalique" My favorite! These delicate buds reminded me of twinkling Christmas lights!
Intricate vines wrap around a tree branch.
Part of the extensive array of the orchid section.
Huge beautiful red blooms "Torch Ginger"
Even the natural debris on the ground is beautiful!
These are so delicate and romantic! They make me long for spring!
These remind me of little wedding bells!
Detail of a Peace Lilly
Mossy hole in a piece of wood
The Yellow Plume Flower

Hope you enjoyed a little tour through the gardens! Have a happy Monday!
xo Hannah
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  1. aah i can't believe you did hawaii posts and I didn't know! Your pictures of the flowers are so beautiful. Is this by Waimea Bay? I wonder if it's the same place I posted about today.