Grizzly Bears and Tribal Prints

Happy Friday!
    Boulder is covered in a pretty layer of white snow.  I am trying to embrace it because the streets aren't bad and it is actually making everything look beautiful and serene.  I thought this was the perfect outfit to post on a snow day! Not a REAL snow day people, I am still at work- just a day with snow! I don't even know if Coloradans DO snow days.  Growing up in New Jersey, all we needed was a few inches and a night of wearing your pajamas inside out to cancel school the next day.
Outfit Details:
Sweater: Vintage/ thrifted
Boots: Target
Grizzly Leggings: French Connection UK via Sears
Collar Necklace: Apris Loves via Etsy
     I wore this cozy outfit to the cabin last weekend, but I have been wearing some version of this for about two weeks now.  Comfy leggings, an oversized sweater, and boots is my go-to uniform when the temperatures quickly drop.  Sometimes I add a scarf if I am feelin' fancy.  I usually try to avoid wearing leggings on the blog, but these ones have grizzly bears on them so I thought maybe the cool factor would partially cancel out the slob factor. I have also been carrying this adorable little Pendelton bag around with me everywhere that I got from Karmaloop! It is actually supposed to be a cosmetics case, but I have been throwing my cell phone and lip balm in it and carrying it as a little clutch because it is too cute to just stay at home! I recently bought my boater hat (seen in this post) from Karmaloop and it has been another fall favorite of mine. Next on my list is one of their travel duffel bags, which is promptly being put on my wishlist for Christmas!
     Anyway I want to hear everyone's fun plans for Halloweekend! R and I are going as batman and catwoman, probably along with the rest of the free world.  I know a lot of people did not like Anne Hathaway as catwoman in the Dark Night Rises, but I thought she was great, so that's what I am basing my costume off of!  Did you see it? What did you think? Can't wait to hear all the fun things you have planned!
xo Hannah


  1. Love the bag, and that watch! We are thinking of getting one for my partner - hers was leather and the band just broke. Super cute. xoxo :)

  2. great pants! and i love all of the pine cones! this post wants me want to go skiing and keep warm in a tiny cabin. i have never seen that batman movie, i heard it was good though!
    haha, i keep thinking that was a nose last night, but i looked at the pictures this morning and i was so confused! well, i'm just going to say it is :)

    lindsey louise


  3. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    I'm glad it's not cold enough to snow here yet!

  4. Yes, Coloradans do have snow days, but I only know this because one happened when I was at a teachers' job fair and they even closed down the the college (In Greeley). I think they said it was only the third day the college had been closed for a snow day though.... too bad all the roads were closed too, so I couldn't get home for a day and half.... That's what I get for trying to travel in March.

    That Pendleton bag is adorable as is the rest of this outfit!

  5. Beautiful photos! Love your leggings. Can't believe you have snow already!!

  6. Oh, crap, those are grizzly bears. Best. Leggings. Ever.

  7. oh wow, it's so beautiful at your cabin, it must be lovely to have a nice serene little place you can head off to on weekends! also i don't even wear leggings but grizzly bear leggings are awesome!

  8. Hannah, these photos are gorgeous (per usual) I'm ready to come to Colorado! Can't believe you have snow already! Leggings usually make me feel sloppy, but these are so fun, you look sharp! I got to wear a big oversized sweater to rehearsal tonight, so cozy! Happy weekend to you!

    perfectly priya

  9. A day with snow where I live is totally a snow day. ;) hehehe, I love this green sweater of yours! It's such a pretty color and looks so cozy. Also, I really love the pictures of the pinecones in the baskets... too cute!

  10. Holy leggings! I want some of those in my life for sure! I love those little bags - I've seen them all around, and have wanted one for awhile now. How perfectly your whole outfit goes with that amazing Colorado backdrop.

    Gotta love Batman & Catwoman. I actually almost went as her this year...since my little guy was going to go as Batman...but then he chose Pooh, so that kind of went out the door..hehe. I may try to concoct a makeshift Tigger costume instead now :)

    Have a fab weekend lady! xo Marisa

  11. ah so cute. Only you could be so fashionable in the mountains:)

  12. I grew up in boulder and here in Utah and we NEVER had snow days! It looks beautiful there though. I loved Anne Hathaway as catwoman! Sounds like a fun costume idea :) you already know what im going as cuz I shared it on flock together. Can I just say im obsessed with your tights!! I want to steal them.

  13. splendid climate on photos and these mountain views:)

  14. Beautiful sweater! And still this incredible landscape... you are soooo lucky! Thank you for explaining me the thing with the snow. Here it was actually snowing today! But when it snows in Germany that does mean, that it is cold, grey and uncomfortable outside. This is why I've been so surprised about your post with the summerly outfit in the snow ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Your sweater looks so cosy <3 I love it. It's such beautiful outfit <3 and it does suit you:) you are awesome!

  16. This is the best winter/fall uniform! Nothing is better than a cozy, oversized knit!!


  17. I love your sweater and those printed leggings are pretty awesome!


  18. I'm loving these wintery outfits. Those leggings are amazing!

  19. Those leggings are so cute! Love this outfit Hannah, perfect for a snow day <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  20. you def do not look sloppy at all! I'm lovin' this comfy casual outift & w/ those grizzly bear leggings & green sweater you pretty much screen Colorado forest to me (in a gret way of course : ) and i didn't see that but I can't wait to see your costumes!! Oh, and "a night of wearing your pajamas inside" - why would you put your pajamas inside out?

  21. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  22. I love your go to outfit! The leggings have such a cool print and the sweater is such a nice color :) If I had such cool leggings, I would definitely be copying this look. Okay your outfit is reaaaaly making me want to buy patterned leggings. Ooo your costume seems really cool, I liked Anne Hathaway as catwoman. That movie was awesome! :)

  23. Ah these leggings are so cool!!! I'm all about the sweater/legging combo in the fall. Big sweaters are kind of trendy right now, right? I vote yes.

    I'm jealous of your Colorado snow. Boulder is so freaking pretty in the winter. But yeah, snow days in Colorado are not very common. I've had more snow days in DC in three years than I had in my whole life in Colorado! Today I'm actually at home on a "hurricane day" haha.

  24. You can find some really great deals on karmaloop! Fun cozy outfit, I can't believe you have snow already!!

  25. what a great look. The leggings are so fun!


  26. Amazing photos and I love that sweater! :)