Mountain Time

Hi guys!  Happy Wednesday.  I am getting back into the swing of things after my mini cabin vacation.  Luckily, I can live vicariously through my vacation pictures for awhile! Since I got a bunch of comments about wearing a dress in the snow on the last post, I decided to go for a more mountain appropriate outfit this time around! But when it was in the 30s already a few weeks ago, let me tell you, 60 degrees feels like a springtime stroll through the park!
Outfit Details:
Watch: c/o Sprout Watches
Skirt & Belt: Thrifted
Sweater: F21
Necklace: Ampris Loves
Shoes &Tights: Not sure
    Do you guys notice something I am wearing in this post that you have probably never seen me wear before?  If you guessed the watch, you would be correct! I am absolutely smitten with this watch that Sprout Watches, an amazing eco-friendly watch company, sent over for me to try.  As you all probably know by now, I work in the environmental field, so I love when I can combine my love of fashion with my passion for the environment and sustainability. I chose this boyfriend style watch because I absolutely loved the wooden watch face against the white background and thought it would go with anything! But here is where the watch gets even better.  It is actually made mainly of corn resin, which will not wear down with regular wear, but in a compost environment, will biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water within 365 days! SO COOL!
     They had a lot of awesome watches to choose from for both guys and gals, and with the holidays coming up, I could not recommend these watches enough.  I am thinking of getting this recyclable cork one for my brother for Christmas. (Have no fear that the surprise will be ruined- I would keel over on the spot due to pure shock if he were reading my blog). They even had some with cute nautical anchors and little owls on the watch faces.  Anyway, you will definitely be seeing a lot more of my Sprout Watch in outfit posts, and maybe I will actually be on time for things now! But, let's be honest, probably not.  If you do head over to the Sprout site, I would love to hear which one you would choose as your favorite!  I hope you all are having an amazing day!
xo Hannah
*Note: I received my watch courtesy of Sprout Watches, but all of these opinions are 100% my own!


  1. haha yea i thought it was very brave of you to go out in that dress in the snow! but this sweater looks super toasty- i love that wild pattern on it! and the watch is pretty snazzy too :) ps love the photo where it looks like you're holding the sun

  2. Beeeeaaaautiful! Your pictures are always so beautiful and the landscape is so fantastic! You have to tell the photograph that he is great :)

    1. Thanks so much Larissa! It was actually just me and my trusty tripod for these ;)

  3. Love your outfit, that sweater is amazing. How fantastic is that watch? Something that is beautiful yet great for the environment as well! I will be looking into purchasign one! I'm your newest follower, follow back?

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  4. Oh my goodness, that sweater is fabulous. And your styling is just perfect. Love the watch too!

  5. YOU LOOK SO CUTE IN BRAIDS HANNAH! ahhh i want them on you all the time?! you would look adorable in dutch braids too. and i love this outfit - the tights, the sweater, everyyything. and i really love that watch. beautiful. i love wood /cork/natural products like that

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  6. I'm so in love with everything about this post, seriously. All of the details of this are insane (you are killing me with this sweater) and it's just perfectly styled. And your hair looks AMAZING! And the pictures. I need to stop before I inflate your ego any more (just kidding, go ahead).

  7. I LOVE this sweater!! Pretty pattern and colors! Love the tights too, surprisingly with all the tights I own, I'm still lusting after a pair like these.


  8. It looks just beautiful there! Love your sweater too!

  9. Oh gosh, how cute is that sweater?! I love how you pulled so many colors from it and used them in your outfit. That belt is also the bomb dot com.

  10. Incredible outfit, I adore your style.
    Loving your blog! Following you now, hope you follow back :)

  11. I am a mountain girl at heart! love your sweater:)

    Molly and MacKenzie

  12. I love that sweater, the pattern is so cool and the background of these photos are amazing :) I always like the background of your photos because it's always so beautiful! And woah that's so cool how the watch can biodegrade and not to mention it's a really awesome looking watch too :)

  13. I love your sweater, so cute! That's awesome about the watch: I never knew they existed! I love boyfriend style watches too.

  14. I just love this outfit! Lady, I need your email, I can't find it anywhere!! email me- gentrileeblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. i just love that sweater! so cute! also, i have a couple of sprout watches myself. it's always nice finding things that are environment friendly. following you now :] xx

  16. That is so awesome! I'm in love with everything about that watch and that company! I'm going to check out their website now! :)

  17. everything looks so good, in love.

  18. Hattitude Style Blog

    cuuuuutteeeee sweater hannah. i love the colours. the mix and match is so after my own heart!

    these watches look bomb. awesome.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  19. wow these pictures are pretty! I love all the nature around you and how you incorporated it into your outfit. that sweater is perfect for Fall and your belt is the perfect addition!

    Shabby Apple Giveaway @ The House of Shoes

  20. Beautiful photos, I love the one with the sun in your hand...so cool. Fun outfit, it's so colorful.

    xo erica

  21. great sweater :) x


  22. I think biodegradable every day stuff is so cool! I have a biodegradable pen and pencil. I can't believe they make biodegradable watches too!

  23. That watch is so awesome! I will have to remember that site- I love when I can make eco choices with fashion too, that's one thing I love about thrifting so much! Seriously, every time you post photos I want to pack up the house and move to CO :) Love this outfit, that sweater is so fun! Have a good weekend!

  24. So funny what Lisa said above because that's exactly what I always so too! Hmm maybe Phoenix isn't giving us enough greenery. Anyway, what a fun outfit! I love that closeup photo where you're looking to the side and wow seriously those mountains are amazing!! Great sweater & super suepr awesome about that watch company! Corn resin and biodegrable, that is amazing!! I keep getting really upset when i'm out and about and dont realize the time i've spent and my thrifted ones dont work so may be on my Christmas wishlist now : ) Hope you're enjoying Halloween weekend!