A Happy Post

Hi guys!
     I know I have been a little MIA in the blogosphere and I apologize for that.  I always like to reply to all the comments left and love that blogging is such a reciprocal relationship, sometimes life just gets in the way of things! My parents were here visiting this weekend so my blog and shop fell to the wayside for a short while in exchange for getting to spend some quality time with them.  A pretty fair trade I would say! They left yesterday morning for their own road trip to Moab, Utah, and and some other fun adventures, and then will return (with my car!) late next week.  My mom snapped these pictures for me after work Monday on our way to happy hour!
Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage, Gift
Scarf: DIY from a vintage dress: Tutorial here!
Shoes: Vintage/ thrifted (this weekend for only $3.50- LOVE!)
Belt/Tights: not sure
     So, I received a really special gift in the mail early last week from my aunt Donna in Minnesota.  On my last trip there, I told some relatives about my love for vintage clothes, and my aunt surprised me with two amazing vintage dresses in the mail, and this is one of them!  I took up the hem I tiny bit and I am absolutely in love with the print and the pleated skirt! Even my dad, who does not care about fashion whatsoever, kept on telling me how pretty the dress was.  Thanks so much Aunt Donna, I LOVE THEM and it was so thoughtful of you! My mom insisted that I stand next to this berry tree for a snap or two and it was so funny getting some creative direction from them.  I included a picture of my parents too :)
     My mom also brought with her two bags of vintage and thrifted goodies for me, some of which are for the shop, and some which are for myself!  I kid you not, there is a dress with cowboy fringe that has a cutout crochet heart on the back.  She got them all from a thrift store in Pennsylvania Dutch country and I am pretty sure I now own a combination of Annie Oakley's and some little Amish girl's wardrobes. My mom is now trying to shop only second hand as well and I think i have passed on my love (read: addiction) for thrifting to her.  
     In other happy news, I won a little giveaway over on the lovely Courtney's blog "Pretty Little Fawn" today for a Sticker Fashionista book.  I used to love sticker books and this one is 150 illustrated pages with stickers of pretty dresses, flowers, and kittens!  So excited to play around with it.  I only discovered Courtney's blog a few weeks ago, but she has amazing style and is absolutely adorable.  I highly recommend stopping by!  And speaking of stopping by, don't forget to head on over to the newly launched blogger collective I am a part of called Flock Together! All of the bloggers are doing fun introductions this week and you don't want to miss it!
Happy Wednesday and thank you all for being the best readers ever!
xo Hannah


  1. the dress is beautiful and your mum and dad are adorable!!

  2. your mom did a great job with the photos - and this dress looks amazing on you! i love the colors -and your shoes! i want them!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. your parents are just too cute! enjoy your time with them!


  4. Wow! How cool is your aunt!? This is sooo nice! I want an aunt who is sending beautiful vintage dresses ;) The one she choose for you is sooo cute!

  5. That was so sweet of your aunt, what a nice surprise! She has great taste too, this dress is amazing! Such a fun print. And your parents are too cute :)

  6. Haha that berry tree shot is probably my favorite one, so go mom! and i can't believe you got that dress gifted, i was swooning oevr those pleats. that was super sweet of your aunt...I should hint at my aunts next time I see them too ;)

  7. 1. That dress is awesome. 2. That is hilarious that you've recruited your family to now hunt for you. Seriously? My mother won't evens tep foot in a thrift store and 3. Glad you had a nice time with your fam. Well-deserved. :) xo

  8. Hi Hannah! I always love seeing the pictures on your blog because you seriously find the most gorgeous vintage dresses ever! This one is beautiful (I think my favorite one ever is that rainbow one from a few days ago...I may have to pop over to the shop!). You parents are adorable! I'm so glad they could come and visit you. Good for you for spending time with them, and remembering blogging comes second to your actual life. How awesome that they brought you goodies too!!! Getting secondhand stuff from people is the best. They seem to know you very well, your dress is great!

    perfectly priya

  9. Love your scarf, I still need a plaid scarf like this!




  10. Thanks so much for the shout-out Hannah, I'm so glad you won!


  11. Cute dress and cute family!
    It really was such a happy post!


  12. 1) I am glad to have a fellow blogger who understands the fickleness of Rockies weather too :)

    2) What a neat skirt this dress has! Love the flippy-ness.

    3) Yay for your parents' visit!

  13. Soo sweet of your aunt to send you those dresses and so sweet and awesome of your mom to find you all those goods and extra love that you "converted" her over to the "way"... or secondhand shopping- yay! haha and that's so great they could pay you a visit! are they going to arches national park? J and I stayed the night in Moab when we went there this summer and I wish we woudl have had more than only the hours we were sleeping to spend in the cute town. Love the fringe on that dress and the print is great too! those boots look like an awesome find as well. horrah for thrifted finds! and awesome family! oh, and your parents are SO ADORABLE! your mom has super cute style too.

  14. such a beautiful dress!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  15. Such a pretty dress - great snaps too.



  16. Wow...not only do you have a wonderfully thoughtful aunt but she also has great taste in vintage. I love vintage clothes but I find it difficult enough to choose them for myself given that the sizing is generally a little renegade so to have someone else pick out such a perfect pretty dress for you is a real treat. I love how you've styled it too with that lovely scarf and the cute shoes!

  17. Oooh I see very optymistic girl :))
    you look so cute :)
    Do you want follow each other? :)

  18. BEAUTIFUL dress! Your aunt has wonderful taste. It fits you perfectly as if it's been tailored.
    Also, If you decide to sell the cowboy dress drop me a message! I'd really like to have a look, I've been looking for a good cowboy shirt/dress for ages.

  19. How adorably cute are your parents Hannah! Sounds like such a lovely time together. That was so sweet of your aunt to send you some of her vintage beauties. I love that dress on you! It actually reminds me much of one that I recently picked up that's going to get a good hemming too - except mine is purple & teal with almost the exact same print! Did you find it harder to hem a pleated dress? I've never done one before myself, so this kind makes me a little nervous.

    Also really loving the contrast of the rustic scarf and little booties! Have one lovely weekend gorgeous gal! xo Marisa

  20. I absolutely love your dress and shoes! And that's really cool that the scarf is made from a vintage dress. Your parents are darling! :)

  21. wow you look stunning <3 totally love your dress <3

  22. I love that dress! The color and fit is so pretty!

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