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So, I meant to upload pictures last night for a blog post today, but some pretty new dresses and my sewing machine got the best of me.  I am going to instead share some of my favorite instagrams from the past few weeks with you!  You can find me @braidedbandit
This morning before work - a newly hemmed vintage chambray dress!
My dream house- brick, stucco, pom-pom trees, ivy...ahhh!
A neighborhood bike ride with some Dogfish Head Punkin Ale! (who needs water?!)
My moms new foster kitten from the animal shelter, Cruz, at a week and a half old!
A Braided Bandit Vintage package all packed and ready to go!
A yummy Saturday Brunch in Denver
The windowsill of in my room with my elephant watering can!
Pretty Fall dresses soon to be in the shop!

I read an article recently on I.F.B. called "Top 10 Ways to Lose Your Blog Followers" or something to that extent.  One of the ways was to post instagram photos on your blog haha.  Their reasoning was that readers who follow you on both platforms will lose interest if they are always seeing repeat pictures.  I agree to some extent, but lets be honest, I miss a ton of instagram pictures from some of my favorite people, and love when I can see a few all in one place as a little catch up.  Plus, I like that they can show snippets of your life over a longer span, whereas a typical post for me usually only shows one day or event. I think it can definitely be overused on blogs if you aren't providing other content with obviously better quality photos, but when used sparingly, I quite like bloggers sharing their instagrams! What do you guys think? I promise I won't be offended either way!

Hope you're having a beautiful day!
xo Hannah


  1. Love this pics and this blog! now I follow you! :)


  2. I like to see instagram pictures every now and again from bloggers, and these are gorgeous. Love the idea of a bike ride with ale to quench your thirst :) And that kitten... so tiny and so ridiculously cute! Earlier today I was talking to my boyfriend about how I can't wait to move into our own place and get a kitten.

  3. I am not sure where I stand on it, haha. I guess it just bothers me when my blog reads are ALL instagram photos (because that has been happening a lot now) but never enough to unfollow. I do like seeing yours because I do not follow you on IG yet, I need to :) They are lovely photos!

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  4. Your dress in the first pic is really cute!

  5. I agree. I follow you on both, but I think I missed most of these photos so I'm happy to see them here. I do LOVE that dress. And I think I might have to buy something from you soon just for the packaging. And the great clothes. But mostly the packaging. ;)

  6. that dream home is beautiful! where is it? looks like it belongs in the highlands a bit. : ) ohhh, and the goodness of steuben's. i wonder if we've ever been there at the same time. ; ) we MUST have a blogger meet-up this fall. ok? : )

  7. Great pictures! I love those fall dresses at the end! :)


  8. awesome pictures girl~~ so dreamy~


  9. That's so funny, I read that article too. I post Instagram pictures on my blog as well and I tend to get a lot of positive feedback. Not everyone has Instagram and it's a good way to get your readers to see your pictures. So, I guess I disagreed with that part of the article.

    I love that house too! And I'm digging the pumpkin ale on your bike :). If I weren't gluten free I'd be doing the same exact thing. Pumpkin beer is amazing!



    Southern (California) Belle

  10. That house is so dreamy!

    I think IFB is really snobbish at times and writes for the HUGE blogger, not so much us minor leagues and I think these posts are good for those not on instagram and also to see them all at once rather than scattered. IFB gives a lot of bad advice, in my opinion.

  11. I've never been offended by seeing Instagram photos on a blog; but I'm not that into Instagram so I guess I'm not seeing the photos their either.

  12. I think I missed most of these instagram photos except for the first and last one! I definitely don't see a problem with posting them on your blog especially for this reason alone. I take some of those articles with a grain of salt to be truthful. Sometimes I think they are only geared toward the bigger blogger - the ones who cover fashion shows and street style and all that jazz.

    These are all so magical and dreamy Hannah and gah, I want to live in that house! That little kitten is precious too and looks so much like my cat when he was that young. Pumpkin ale and bike rides...haha....yes!

    Have a lovely day lovely gal! xo Marisa

  13. Hi dear,

    So beautiful post and great blog!

    We can follow each other if you want:)



  14. Really love the dress in your first photo! You look lovely in it. And how gorgeous are the pieces in the last photo? Would love to get my hands on those!

  15. Gorgeous photos. Love the elephant watering can!

  16. I read that one too and also right after decided to do an Instagram post haha. I agree that when it's mixed in w/ many other posts it provides a nice change and of course when it's only our favorites from past weeks or whatnot (although I def overdid it w/ pics of my cats haha). I LOVE that dress on you, the collar and fabric are perfect.

  17. I agree with you about sharing instagram photos! I do it and I love seeing others! The bike ride with the beer is great...my idea of the perfect fall activity! ha! :)