Shop Update: Time for Fall!

Happy Sunday!  Yesterday marked the first day of fall, so I thought I would do a little seasonally appropriate shop update!  Hope you guys are having a beautiful weekend, I would love to hear what fun things you are doing.  Mine has been full of BBQs, pumpkin ales, and mountain drives!Grey Plaid Collared Mini Dress- Size Medium Large - $29.99

                                Blue Floral Polka Dot Blouse - Size Medium Large - $25.99

                                           Green Polka Dot Dress - Size Medium - $29.99

                                                Deer Print Sweater - Size Medium - $29.99xo Hannah


  1. Hey lady! There are some really cute pieces here xo

  2. oh my goodnes.. these looks are all so cute it makes my heart ache. i love every piece so much but if i had to pick a favorite it would probably be the vintage rose dress. how do you do your hair in such a cute little bun everytime!? xx

  3. You have the cutest things in your store!

  4. You have such great taste! I gave you a "Blog Bug" award that's been going around, haha. There's a post about it up on my blog if you want to answer the questions and pass it on!


  5. Pumpkin ale? Yum! I really want that sweater... SO cute!