The Double Threat

Tomorrow marks the first day of fall here in the United States.  Not that a date on a calendar will instantly change the weather, but it definitely works to change your mindset.  I think I am ready for the change, even though the start of fall in Colorado can sometimes quickly spiral into the beginning of winter, which I am definitely NOT prepared for!  One thing, among many, that I will miss about summer is only having to list 3 things in the outfit details section, you can't really beat that for simplicity! Well, besides perhaps blogging in your birthday suit.

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Vintage- for sale in shop!
Bow Flats: Vintage/ thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
I know you guys are just dying to know what the double threat referenced in the post title is.  Well, it's a beautiful blouse with both polka dot AND floral prints my friends!  When I saw this little gem while shopping for my etsy store last Friday I just about squealed with joy.  It doesn't take too much to make me excited. In case the floral print and polka dots on my blouse weren't enough, I paired it with blue tiny polka-dotted shorts as well, but you have to look closely to see the details.  Print mixing can get pretty crazy, but my biggest piece of advice if you are going to try two pieces with different prints would be to make sure the sizes of the prints are different.  Because the print of the shirt is so big and bold, I paired it with a really small print on the bottom to make it balanced.  
Anyway, its Friday hooray! When I drink too much coffee on Friday (or any day, but specifically Friday because that's payday), I make impulse buys online.  Last Friday that resulted in me getting this awesome fall boater hat that I have had my eye on for some time now, which I have also seen the lovely Katherine from Of Corgis and Cocktails sporting recently here!  Today my impulse buy was these riding boots, which I actually got from the daily deal site Beyond the Rack for half price, wahoo!  I prefer to buy almost everything second hand now, so these two NEW things are a pretty big deal for me, and I hope to get lots of wear out of them!
Lastly, I would like to mention that Marisa of Shades of Monet did the best sponsor spotlight ever this month with adorable little pictures and getting to know you cards for each lady.  I may be partial since I am one of the sponsors, however its so fun reading about the other gals and finding some great new blogs! 
Happy Friday!
xo Hannah


  1. Hannah, you look adorable! Your bun is fab! I love those shoes and the mixed prints as well, gorgeous. Is is really the first day of fall tomorrow?! That makes me really excited too! Totally just bought two new pairs of pants online, not sure if coffee had anything to do with it! Thanks for following me and your sweet comments btw!

    perfectly priya

  2. Super look, +1 for ur short.

  3. that blouse is stunning!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  4. Oh you sweet thing ... thanks for the shout out :) Can I just tell you how stinking brilliant this outfit is Hannah! You know I'm a sucker for print mixing and I really don't think it comes any more perfect than how you did it here! Can we call it a triple threat for a killer pair of shoes as well? Loving those beauties!

    Hooray for Fall! Hopefully you have a nice long season this year to enjoy. Bring on the pumpkin and apple cider :) Happy weekend darling gal!

    xo Marisa

  5. I LOVE those shoes! This is such a cute look! It might sound crazy but I still can't even wear sleeves here, it's been around 105 in PHX this weekend. I am SO looking forward to pulling out the boots, cardis and knee highs :)