All the Pretty Horses

Hi friends,
   Just stopping in for a quick outfit post!  I wore this on Saturday for a yummy brunch, and found a pretty rust colored building with lots of rustic charm to take pictures by.  We weren't too sure if someone still lived there or not, so we didn't stick around for long!
Outfit Details:
Horse Blouse: for sale in my shop!
Tapestry Purse: Will be in the shop this week!
Belt: Vintage/ thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Skirt: Target
Hair Bow: Forever21
    I am in love with this horse print blouse, the color and the print make me want to wear it pretty much every day this fall, but alas, it is up for sale in my shop because that was it's intended purpose.  Sometimes its so bittersweet curating a shop where you sincerely love every piece you put up in it.  I obviously still get really excited when something sells, but if it is one of my favorites I get sad at the same time.  I was never really a horse gal growing up or anything, but I really love pretty much all animals and am fully on board with wearing them on my clothing as well!
     I apologize for the slightly sagging belt in these.  You see, last week at my softball game I got beamed in the belly while running for a ball in the outfield; needless to say, it did not make it into my glove.  So, I already regretted wearing the high waisted skirt, and the belt just added to the discomfort.  While I am whining, I may as well tell you guys what happened yesterday too- I flipped my bike riding home from work and flew over the handlebars.  The elderly gentleman behind me who stopped told me it was the most graceful front-ender he has ever seen, but I am pretty sure he was just trying to be comforting.  I am sore and cut up but it could have been a whole lot worse! I was riding on a bike path that I take almost every day, but decided to take a slightly different route this time out of boredom coming home from work.  I was going kind of fast on a downhill where you have to turn suddenly under a little overpass, and tried to put on my breaks gently at first, then harder because I wasn't slowing.  My breaks aren't the best though, and up until this point I was too cheap to fix them, so the front breaks work and the back ones not so much.  And that my friends, is how to do a front flip on your bike! Any biking bloggers here? Have you ever gotten scared by a nasty spill?  I rode to work again today because I didn't want to let myself be afraid of it, but I am definitely bringing miss Minnie Moo to the bike shop during lunch- I prefer my bike to ride like a docile heifer rather than a bucking bronco thank you very much!
xo Hannah


  1. Oh, my goodness, Hannah, how scary! I've *almost* fallen off my bike just once in the few years I've been riding to work and that's because I was going too fast on ice. I can't imagine doing a front-ender; that would be horrible! I hope you bruises go away soon, and be careful!

  2. oh im so sorry to hear that! Glad youre ok and youre so right, when ever i do soemthing like that i always think it could have been a lot worse, ie, fatal injuries broken bones etc! hope you recover quickly. And can i just say i think this may be my favourite outfit of yours ever! the blouse the skirt, those shoes!! LOVE!! xx

  3. i'd never part with that blouse- never ever ever! it's such a pretty color and that print is adorable. And jeeze, so many accidents this week! Let's hope next week is a little more...safe, haha ;)

  4. gorgeous outfit! the print on the blouse is sooo cute! i love horses :)
    ~niki <3

  5. Sometimes I don't know how you do it- I would never be able to get rid of some of the items you do! Especially when you look so amazing in them! The pains of having a business, I suppose. Well, this horse shirt really is phenomenal. I'm just loving how you styled this in general, especially with that skirt! And I'm glad you got some pictures here, I love the location.

  6. Your shirt is awesome! Love your horse print!




  7. I took a nasty spill on a bike when I was probably 8 and now I am scared to ride them on anything but flat land. :(

  8. take it easy! love that blouse!!!

  9. that house is SO beautiful - i love places like that - and a perfect match for your outfit's feel. the horse print blouse is too adorable. i would probably buy it because i love animal prints, but the horse is the only one i can't do it - simply because i really really don't like horses. they freak me out. i'll take a snake over a horse. and aw! flipping over the handlebars & softball incident - poor girl!!!! i'm so sorry

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  10. Horse shirts...how cool! You look lovely.

  11. AHH HORSE PRINT. I love it.
    Sorry about your injury! But good for you. My attempts at softball or ANY type of ball are just pitiful.


  12. oh man, that does sound terrifying! I've never had a spill like that, but my boyfriend as, one more than one occasion I think. I'm glad you're getting your bike in working order. be safe!

  13. I am definitely thinking about buying that amazing horse-print shirt! What an awesome find! Sorry to hear about the biking accident... you wouldn't even be able to tell you were in one from the looks of your outfit. Don't even worry about it!

  14. vintage bag, i liked it :)
    i am following now, hope we can follow each others
    dwita, xoxo

  15. I love anything with a horse on it. Love it!

  16. "I prefer my bike to ride like a docile heifer" This made me LOL :) haha love it. You look adorable. The house is a great backdrop.

  17. This is such a pretty location for outfit photos. And that blouse is adorable....horse print? How could one not love it!?
    In love with the floral bag as well <3

  18. Oh my gosh! I hope you're feeling better Hannah! Sounds like quite a spill. Love the print of that shirt. I don't know how you don't keep everything for yourself, that would be so hard!



    Southern (California) Belle

    Enter to win my Benefit cosmetics giveaway!

    P.S. Looooove the colors of your blog ;)

  19. Great blouse & bag. Such a perfect autumn look.

    <3 Melissa

  20. omg! Hannah, I really love your blouse and purse!

    xx Sophie

  21. I love that shirt! Anything horse print catches my eye!

  22. Ah! I love that blouse! What a cute print. I've left the Etsy page open on my computer so I can think about buying it :)

  23. I love taking pictures at random places. You never know if someone is going to come out and start yelling at you or not. What's life without a little danger? It's all in the name of blogging. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. loving that adorable bag!


  25. I love the combination between the shirt and the bag!!! great!
    giveaway at FashionResidence.com

  26. I really like those shoes! I want to be able to walk in heels but I know I need to start with wedges and these actually look like something I might be able to walk in without falling or looking crazy.

  27. Hannah- I am totally a biking blogger! In fact I just put my boyfriend to work in fixing my breaks and we took it to get the tube pumped, it's been out of commission for a while. Sorry about your fall! I have definitely had a few crashes on mine, when navigating in difficult spots (garbage cans on the sidewalk, there are no bike lanes in Nashville) I usually get stressed and crash! One time I completely fell into an embankment, landed flat on my face! So yeah, I feel ya. Not fun. But don't let it scare you, biking is still the best.

    Fantastic horse blouse! And I love where you took these pictures too!

    perfectly priya

  28. Yikes! Sorry about your bike spill- I hope you're feeling better! I had my first wreck in YEARS last spring and now I have a battle scar from it on my elbow :) I love this top, I have a serious weakness for animal print!