Obey the Rebel Waltz

     Happy New Years friends! I hope everyone had a terrific time celebrating this weekend.  I find myself stuck at work today and lost in thought.  My mind lately seems to be a pendulum, swinging from highly excited and inspired about something to daunted and down, sometimes all within a few minutes.  I guess that is normal while welcoming in a new year, usually a time for change and new beginnings? 
     Before I ramble on more, I wanted to share with you some pictures that were taken while I was home in New Jersey a few weeks ago.  They were taken in Asbury Park in the old casino and carousel buildings on the boardwalk.  They are now very dilapidated, but still very beautiful and have tons of really cool history behind them.  Graffiti artists paint huge murals all over the huge walls, and the place is always filled with photographers.  I wish I had more time here, we just jumped out of the car for about twenty minutes because we were running early on the way to the airport home.



Outfit Details:

Dress, Scarf, Headband: Gifts

Tights: Sears Grand

Boots: Marshalls 
Hat & Gloves: Mukluk @ Target
     "Obey the Rebel Waltz" is what the black and white wall said, and you can find more info about Obey here.  Also, apologies for the boring outfit repeat, these were taken the same day as my holiday post!  As for my New Year's celebrating, R and I went to an Irish pub to have a delicious dinner of fish and chips and listen to a live band, and it was only a $1 cover.  Can't beat that!  I didn't get any outfit pictures, which I am kind of bummed about, so maybe I will throw it back on some time this week and snap a few pictures! I finished my move this weekend and now am in the unpacking phase.  I will try and share some pictures when I am happy with how it looks. Which at this point, could be awhile! Alright, more later, and I would love to hear about your NYE so feel free to leave links!
xo Hannah

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  1. Sounds like a lovely New Year to me:) Your coat & hat are perfect...so cozy looking. Love that backdrop as well. Best wishes in 2012 darling!