Holiday Snippets

    Phew, what a stressful week! Remind me not to plan a move during the holidays again.  The one good thing that comes from this though is that there are a TON of sales going on.  I ran into Urban Outfitters on my lunch break since it is basically across the street from my office on Monday, and got a great zig zag rug for my new room which was originally 75 bucks.  I paid $30, wahoo!  Actually, it looks exactly like the grey and white textured space behind my "The Braided Bandit" banner at the top of the page.  I love that it will bring a fun pattern into the space while still remaining neutral in grey and white. 
     I wanted to share with all of you a few pictures from my past week.  It feels so weird for Christmas to be over! Its always sucha build up for weeks and then it is over in a day.  I got so very lucky and spoiled this Christmas and I am really thankful for everything I got and my friends and family who I got to spend the time with.






     The first few pictures are of an ornament set I made my boyfriends mom.  I really love how they turned out, even if they took way more time and patience then I originally planned! I found the idea on the lovely blog Voyages of the Creative Variety, but changed a few things about them.  I am planning on doing a tutorial soon!  The next few pictures are just of pretty wrapping.  I love to wrap presents, I put way to much effort into something that just gets destroyed and thrown out within 5 minutes.  The one part I hate about wrapping though is when I do not leave enough time! Which basically happens every year...  I made my boyfriend little "Reinbeer" from a six pack of Wooly Booger Nut Brown Ale from the Grand Lake Brewing company in Colorado.  They turned out so cute! I got the idea from Modern Mom.
      One last thing I wanted to show you guys are a few pictures of me wearing my new fun and colorful hair extensions that I got to try courtesy of SO.CAP.USA.  They have actual natural hair colors, but I wanted to try some fun bright colors.  I wore them to work yesterday to try them out, and they were really easy to put in.  I wore a red one and a fuchsia one to match the dress I was wearing.  I have been getting pretty antsy about my hair, as I have been trying to let it grow out naturally for about a year now as you can see in the picture.  These offered a really easy way to change things up for a day though without doing anything drastic!  I think I am going to wear the little red streak when I go out for New Years Eve too.  The only issue I had is that my hair is really long, so even the long extension ended above my natural hair length.  I don't think it really looked too weird though because they blend well when you brush them with your own hair.  Anyway, you can head over to their site if you want to check out their fun color selection, they have over 90 varieties! You can also see my adorable turquoise key necklace I got from my boyfriend for our one year anniversary, which happens to be Christmas Day!
     Alright well I have a few more hours here at work before I head off to get my teeth drilled, ugh.  I hope you guys enjoyed the little snippets of my holiday festivities.  Get busy planning something fun for New Years Eve!
xo Hannah


  1. I love the ornaments Hannah! Please be sure to show that tutorial!

  2. Thanks! I will be sure to put it up asap!