Bedroom Inspiration: Woodland neutrals with a touch of color

Hello friends,
       Tomorrow is my big moving day.  And by big, I mean not-actually-really-that-big-but-stressful-to-me.  I am only moving within the same town, and only into another bedroom, so I do not have to worry about a whole house full of stuff! I have been trying to bring something with me each time I head over to the new place so it makes actual moving day way easier!  I have been endlessly searching the internet, design books, and magazines for inspiration for my new space, and thought I would share some of what I found.  I do not have the money right now to actually by many new things at all, but I am hoping I can get a few thrifted and DIY items to give it a little different look!  I am keeping with my current color scheme of grey and white neutrals with pops of yellow, so I picked pictures keeping that in mind.  Without further adeau, enjoy!





xo Hannah

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