Pendleton Woods

Hello! Just a few snaps from when I was up in Breckenridge last weekend wearing all vintage from the shop.  Not too many of these shots turned out as it was super bright and the camera just did not want to focus.  The woes of using a tripod in the snow!
Outfit Details: Dress - Vintage Pendleton - for sale in the shop here! // Boots - Vintage - for sale in the shop here! // Blouse - Vintage, for sale in the shop here!

Anyway, of course I went MIA again right after promising to get back into a regular blogging schedule last week.  If you follow me on instagram however, you will know the reason! Besides shop work, I have had my hands full with four little kittens!  As some of you know probably know, I volunteer for my local Humane Society doing kitty foster care, so these little fur babies are in my care for the next to weeks until they are old enough to be adopted!  Make sure to follow along on instagram if you want to be inundated with tons of adorable kitten pictures :)

Have a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. This dress is great, very christmassy!! I love the print and how you paired it with that pretty blouse. I can imagine 4 kittens is a ton of work!!

  2. Wow, the snow and pine tree setting is just so pretty. And that pendleton is to die for haha. You look lovely and how nice of you to do kitty foster care :)

  3. You are doing a very important thing, even now then the world is ruled by indifference and cynicism, there is a place for mercy. I wish there will be more people like you who cares about homeless animals or those ones who are in troubles.
    regarding to your outfit I'd like to say you look so charming and original! This tartan dress is elegant and edgy at the same time:)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!


  4. Ahhhh, kitties! Definitely gonna go look at that. I love this blouse--so sweet :) Sorry your camera was misbehaving, haha

  5. that pendleton dress is gorgeous hannah and i love it w/ the pink blouse under. i never think of those combos but i love it on you. and 4 kitties, totally good reason to be MIA in general, but esp when you're fostering them. so great of you!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  6. That snow is piling up! Loving the colors in this outfit. The pinks go so nicely together. I'm loving the kitten pictures, too! They are darling. The two darker ones look my childhood cat, Sunshine. Such sweet animals...most of the time. ;-)

    Love, Amy

  7. Oh, this dress is just so perfect for the holidays!You look just darling with the collared blouse underneath, too. And I would love to just walk into that forest! It looks so beautiful!

  8. Oh gosh, what a chilly (but wintry wonderful) looking background. All that snooooow! It's beautiful. :D I really adore that jumper of yours, and the peter pan collared shirt underneath is just the perfect complement to it.

  9. SO much snow, but looks like it was a fun trip.

  10. Such a beautiful backdrop! Although I understand the woes of photos in bright sun, but I know it must be even worse with the snow reflection. The kittens are so cute, you must be having so much fun with them! Love the blouse!

  11. Han this dress reminded me SO much of one I had back in the late 80's! I adored it- it was that same plaid but had long sleeves and a white lace collar. How I wish I still had it to give to you! Oh well- I'll show you some fun retro picts of it sometime when I find them :) Oh, and the kittens just make me smile every time I see them <3 Kar