Winter Ballet

There are a few things about this lovely pink skirt I borrowed from the beautiful Sammi that remind me of a ballerina.  The baby pink color, the slight shimmer, and the flared cut made me want to spin in circles with my hands held high in an arch above my head.  So I did just that, not realizing I was legitimately flashing every single car that passed by while I was taking these until I got home later and went through the photos. Whoops.  At least my control top pantyhose and matching pink granny panties made for a super sexy view! 
Outfit Details: Skirt- borrowed from Sammi // Sweater - thrifted // Shoes - "Diba Office Dixie Bootie" via DSW // Necklace - Forever 21

Anyway, I have been absolutely loving my new lens! I thought it was going to be intimidating to use, but the manual focus has actually made taking blog photos by myself with my tripod so much easier!  All I have to do now is set a high aperture, turn the lens until it focuses on a spot (like a rock, etc) where I will later be standing, and almost everything comes out in clear focus with no guess work!  Plus, I think R has been happy to be given a rest on constantly being barraged for help with blog photos over the weekend and I have been happily adventuring around with my tripod experimenting by myself!
In other news, things have been super busy trying to get out all of my shop orders, packing, and trying to get my life together in general before jetting off to Hawaii tomorrow.  This holiday season has been flying by so quickly I have barely had time to actually realize I'm about to leave!  
I hope you guys have a wonderful start to your holidays!
xo Hannah


  1. LOVE those shoes and that skirt!! This is so gorg and girl, photos are amazing.
    Have a blast in Hawaii!


  2. You look stunning! I'm loving this skirt, espacially for Christmas!

    And I'm glad you like your new lens, the pictures look great!

  3. Love your tapestry shoes and striped top. I would want to spin around like a ballerina in this skirt too haha. Pictures turned out great!

  4. Have fun in Hawaii and glad that photo shoots are becoming easier with your new camera :)

  5. I love the spinning pictures :) And the pink details. And granny panties 5ever! They're so comfortable.

  6. This skirt is super sweet, love the colour and fit of it!! It looks perfect with the striped top and those kickass floral booties.
    Have an AMAZING trip, so jealous

  7. Loving how you mixed the stripes and florals! Alex


  8. Ahh Hannah, the skirt looks gorgeous on you!! I LOVE how you paired it with that striped top. It's like you're a French beatnik ballerina or something <3

    xox Sammi

  9. i love how these photos have a pinkish hue to them, goes so perfectly w/ the skirt. was it intentional? and i love your look here, a bit of a grunge ballerina look, so awesome w/ those booties. and ah, manual focus sounds so tricky to me, i always use auto, but then again i have a tripod in a box still from a year ago, Jonny doesn't have Rob's luck haha. anyway, you look stunning!

  10. Hey doll! You look amazing as usual.... I'm back (never really left) to blogging and crocheting full time again. I'm trying to catch up on all my favorite bloggers/ blogs. I hope you had a swell Holiday.... Hawaii looks awesome! Happy New Year!