DIY Tree Branch Jewelry Rack

    Just wanted to share a quick and easy DIY I did a few weekends ago to try and organize all of my jewelry!  I basically just picked an already trimmed thick branch from a pile of tree trimmings on the side of the road, added nails, and hung it!  I love that not only does it provide a space to hang all of my bigger necklaces, but also acts as a piece of fun wall art on a previously bare wall space!  I would recommend finding a piece of wood with a little character, mine had some slight imperfectins and it made me like it all the better!
Supplies Needed:
Found Branch (about 3ft long, 2 in diameter)
Nails (15)
Hemp (or wire)
White Plastic Wall Hooks (2)

The steps are pretty simple!
1. Find a suitable branch.  Look for one that has already been cut ideally!
2. Mark where you want your nails to go with a light marker.
3. Nail them into place, I did mine about every 2 inches or so.  You want to have room for your bulkier jewelry to not have to be on top of eachother when hanging.  Also make sure you are nailing them in so the nail head is at a slight upward angle so the necklaces don't slide off when it is hung. (see picture 2)
4. Only nail them about halfway in, you want to leave enough room for hanging the necklaces.
5. Now you are ready to hang the branch.  Mark the wall lightly with pencil where the branch ends will be.  Then, stick the plastic wall hangers (I used some from 3M brand) over these spots.  Follow the instructions, usually you should leave them for a few hours, or overnight, before anything is actually hung on them to let the stickies really take hold.
6. Take the branch and, with the row of nails facing forward and at a slight upwards, nail one more nail on the very top of the branch at each end. Nail these in so only about a centimeter is left out.
7.  Wrap hemp or wire around these top end nails, making tight knots around the nail and end in a loop (or more securely, a double loop), that you will use to hang your branch from the two wall hangers.  (see picture 3)
8. When you have waited the specified time to hang something from the sticky wall hangers, go ahead and attack your branch by the hemp loops!
9.  Add all your pretty jewelry, and voila, organization and a piece of wall art in one!

This whole project cost me about 5 dollars to make.  I already had hemp rope lying around and a hammer, so all I needed to do was buy a few nails and sticky-backed wall hangers.  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I hope to add more DIY projects to the blog soon!  How do you organize your jewelry?
xo Hannah


  1. Oh man this is such an awesome idea, that is soo simple, and unique! I will definately have to try this, as I currently keep all my jewelry in a box and it's not great



  2. let me just say how happy i am that you included a TUTORIAL! I've wanted to do something just like this for years, but I'm pathetically naive when it comes to construction. thanks!

  3. What a great idea! I've been wanting to come up with a new way to store my necklaces for years now.

  4. Oh wow, such a simple project yielding such a beautiful result. Absolutely brilliant! I wouldn't mind making this for my hats. I'm in desperate need of a proper display for them. This is definitely a project I could tackle. Can't wait to see your floral crown as well:)

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    This post is great, I love reading DIY posts - this is a very unique idea! :)
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  6. such a great idea, i could def use this... now just fo find a pretty enough branch around about somewhere. great job!

  7. This is a much better idea than buying some over priced piece of wood! XO

  8. That is awesome! I had one as well that I tried to make last a few weeks, but i use a small branch and doesn't hold many accessories.

    I will try again with a bigger branch this time :)


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