Coconut husks and walrus tusks

Hump day.  After Wednesdays are over, the week just seems so much more manageable to me.  These pictures are from yesterday, which was the most beautiful day here in Colorado.  I think it was in the mid sixties and the sun was shining. I didn't even get into work until after 12, ahh, it was glorious.  Today however, is grey, rainy, and in the 30s.  It is also supposed to snow later.  At least I am using today as my one day of take out (or dining out) I am allowing myself per week, and it is movie night too!




Outfit Details:
Top: thrifted/ vintage 80s
Skirt: thrifted/ vintage
Coat: thrifted/ J. Jill
Tights: Ross
Boots/Necklace/Ring: Gifts from mom!
(Necklace from Sister Lucy on Etsy)
Headband: Made by me
Earrings: from Puerto San Carlos, BCS, Mexico 

     I always start rambling and forget what I mean to say in the beginning of posts.  The weather, food, blah blah blah.  A few things about this outfit that I did want to mention.  First and foremost, it was built around this amazing necklace and ring I received in the mail from Hawai'i from mom on Monday! The necklace was made by someone who lives in our condo building there.  She has an Etsy shop called Sister Lucy which everyone should check out too. It is made out of pieces of coconut husks! Last night I was sitting in bed wondering, "What rhymes with husks?"  Then I thought "tusks!" and if you look at the fifth picture, I do resemble a walrus quite a lot! Though I guess those hairlike things on Walruses aren't the tusks.  Are they baleen, or are those only the hair-like things on whales?  Hmm, life is full of these important questions.
     The headband I am wearing I actually made a few years ago, and that is when I think I originally came up with my blog/ shop name The Braided Bandit.  I was thinking of selling these, but then I got really into vintage clothing and that idea progressed further than the handmade accessories one.  Since I am explaining the name, I may as well go into a little further detail since I have never really given an explanation before! Whether it is with headbands or with my actual hair, I can usually be found with some sort of braid, so that part is pretty self explanatory.  I also wanted my shop name to reflect on the great finds that you can discover while shopping second hand.  When I find and amazing piece of vintage or a spectacular price on something, I always end up thinking "I made out like a bandit!"  
     And Voila! There you have it ladies and gentleman! That is how The Braided Bandit was born! 

Happy hump day!
xo Hannah



  1. love that top - what a great find!

  2. Blouse is gorgeous, and headband is a really nice detail :)
    Thank you for visit and lovely comment, kisses from

  3. Thanks Hannah for the plug of my treasures! I'm glad you like the necklace!

  4. Ah cute...I always love hearing how people come up with the names of their blogs. Your name is so unique and original...I have an obsession with bows and hats the same way you do with braids...hehe.

    As for your necklace, I need to check out that store because that it is such a striking little piece...your whole outfit is gorgeous! I am really adoring the creative way you've combined all the textures and patterns in it so effortlessly!

    Happy hump day indeed...well Thursday now and hooray that the weekend is almost here! xx Marisa

  5. Wow, your style is very individual! And you stand out from the crowd



  6. That is a great necklace! It's fun to build an outfit around a piece of jewelry.

  7. Haha what a creative origin your blog has!
    The accessories are amazing! Love the necklace and earrings. I adore unique accessories and you can't beat coconut husk jewelry! Haha i'll have to check out her shop. Great tights too :)


  8. Cute! I LOVE those earrings.

  9. fun to hear how your blog name came about, I def noticed the fun extra touch of the headband right away. & i was wondering since u didnt seem to wear braids that often. Super cool necklace & ever more awesome a lady makes them w/ coconut. Love that top too & this combo overall w/ the skirt & booties & coat and mmmm def something I'd find myself wearing this haha.