Well, this is what I wore to work yesterday- pretty exciting right? Right.  I got these red pants a few weeks ago because I wanted to participate in the brightly colored jeans trend.  It is seriously difficult to find stuff on top that is neutral enough to wear with them though. I think next time I am going to just go for it with a bright pink top or something.  Tis' the season for adding color! 

Outfit Details:
Red Pants: Ross
White Tank: Forever21
Blazer: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from mom
The most exciting thing about this post is this awesome alleyway I found a few blocks from my work.  Its private enough to take pictures in and has an AMAZING painted brick wall.  It makes me instantly more cheery! Some of the bricks you can see are even painted gold, and some are black with gold specks!  I am going to live in a brick house one day painted rainbow colors.  It will probably be filled with lots of kitties too.  Also, I will obviously be really REALLY popular.  Alright, well this is just a short post to say hi.  Hope all of you are having a great week!  Do any of you wear colored jeans? If so, link to your posts so I can see how you styled them!
xo hannah


  1. I love this outfit! And that wall is so amazing! What a great place for taking pictures!! I definitely need some red pants!
    Gorgeous :)

    but first, coffee

  2. What a great photo spot! I need a place like this for my picutures! love the outfit too!

    found the route

  3. Fab jeans i should wear more jeans I'm too much of a sucker for dresses. What a fabulous backdrop the colouredbricks are amaze!

  4. what a fun brick wall, having more around would certainly make everyone cheerier! & i say just go w/ the color, i love wearing tons of brights together. Super fun color either way though & great blazer : )

  5. I am LOVING the colored pants! That place you found for the photo shoot is so lovely too. Great find!

    In regards to your comment...thanks! I agree that sometimes you don't have to do anything fancy to have a good time too. Great thoughts!


  6. hi There!!!!!
    how are you??
    your outfit is fantastic..i like your shoes!!!
    i have new post on my blog..i'd like to know what do you think about...thanks