Lilac + Plaid

 I am twenty-seven years old and received a fuzzy purple unicorn backpack from my brother for Christmas - he knows me so well! To make things even creepier, I unknowingly took these photos yesterday behind an elementary school right as school was letting out.  HERE KIDDY KIDDIES! I've got lots of candy in this pack! Whoops.
 Outfit Details: Dress - c/o American Apparel // Plaid Shirt - B.B. Vintage, for sale in the shop here! Unicorn Backpack - gift from my brother // Boots - thrifted // Hat - Eddie Bauer (men's section!)

Anyway, I styled this outfit for my post over on the Flock Together blog today, so you can stop by to see all of the other ways I have remixed this lilac American Apparel number! The hat I found this weekend while wandering into shops while waiting for a movie with R.  It is from the men's section of Eddie Bauer, a store I never go in and will probably continue to never go in because the sales lady was super snobby.  But anyway, its my dream hat and it was on sale for half off! I apologize in advance for how much you will probably be seeing it now.  And if you follow me on instagram, you saw that I finally decided what to do with the ugly white walls around my bed - a hat wall! If you guys would be interested of seeing more of my little studio apartment, let me know and I'll try and work on a little home tour to share :)
Have a great weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. Sounds like the perfect combination for any shoot! That backpack is a exceptional Christmas gift.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  2. The best backpack ever, like definitely :D

  3. that gave me a good idea - i think i'll start looking if thrift stores have men's hat sections. i love this one! and i esp love the plaid under that lilac dress, def a combo i wouldn't have thought of but i love it. and how great of your brother on that backpack, and the location haha!

  4. Wow what beautiful shots! You captured the atmosphere perfectly :) x

  5. Hahaha, the first part about you lurking around the school with candy in your unicorn backpack KILLED me, so funny.
    Ohhh I love how you styled this piece this time around. It looks amazing with that top underneath!

  6. oh my goodness how beautiful :)


  7. Bahahaha, I love that! Oh my gosh that's hilarious about the candy. You're too cute. Also, this photos have such a neat purple tint to them that lends a nice word or two to your backpack. Perf. :D

  8. This dress is such a you dress! The color is perfect and I love your remix.