Red Brocade

     Well, there has been a bit of radio silence over here for the past few days, but for good reason.  The town where I live in Colorado has been getting torrential downpours and catastrophic flooding for the past few days, but we finally seem to be out of the worst.  I left work early on Thursday to go home and move things off the floor and grab my foster kitty Pookie and we headed across town to R's, who lives on higher ground and further away from the creeks.  Everything turned out fine at my place, but I couldn't actually make it back across town to check if it was flooded or not for two days, so that was nerve-wracking to say the least! Definitely send your nice thoughts towards the people of this area though as its going to take awhile to rebuild the roads, homes, and businesses that were affected.

 Outfit Details: Dress - c/o Persunmall // Fair Isle Blouse - Vintage, on sale in the shop here! // 
Shoes - MIA // Tights - Target // Sunnies - Lulus

     I actually feel kind of guilty even posting an outfit today, but I realize that's probably just silly and all you can really try to do is get back to normal in these kind of circumstances.  I actually wore this this weekend as the temperatures really dropped with all the rain, but it only really saw the inside of R's place and right outside his apartment.  Nevertheless, I love this dress I just got in the mail from Persunmall and couldn't wait to wear it! Even thought the brocade embroidery is kind of fancy and could easily be dressed up, I was actually thrilled how soft and comfortable the material was.  I can't wait to wear it for some sort of special occasion instead of while being stuck inside during a terrible storm.  I also apologize in advance for how much you'll be seeing these sunglasses.  I picked them up during the Lulu*s labor day sale after eying them longingly all summer.
Have a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. Glad you and your kitty survived the flooding alright!

    Those rich, vibrant reds are so beautiful. I love the layering you did with the shirt and the tights!

  2. Glad you & the kitty are doing ok! Funny I call my cats Pookies too! Love the red dress, I would never have thought that it would dress down so well, bravo!

  3. oh what a beautiful fall outfit dear! i love that dress and that amazing fair isle blouse! you paired them so well!

  4. I am so glad you posted today. It is so good to know that you are safe and things are slowly getting back to a bit of normal for you.

  5. I'm glad you're okay, I heard about the flooding on the news. I love this outfit, the grey tights look great with your red dress! Your lipstick looks awesome too, red lipstick has a way off adding that extra oomph doesn't it?

  6. Hey Hannah, I am loving your blog!
    Wonderful outfit post, hope the flooding dries up pretty soon for you!
    Sending lots of love over!

  7. I saw what was happening on the news!! That's so crazy, I'm glad to hear you're alright and you didn't have any damage to your place. That's scary!
    This is a gorgeous outfit, love the dress the brocade is perfect for fall! And that layering is great for the chill

  8. Hannah,
    This seriously the cutest dress ever and I'm totally jelly;P I love how you paired it with that shirt underneath... it's perfect! Have a lovely day!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  9. The texture of that dress looks really cool

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  11. heard about the floods and thought of you!! Im glad you're ok! I can't believe people have died! :( and I thought our flooding was bad! Yikes.. Sending prayers to the people affected by this tragedy.
    I love the dress and it looks especially gorgeous layered with that fun top and some tights. You look darling!

  12. I heard about some of the flooding that was going on, so glad that you are all right and I hope things get back to normal soon for your area. Flooding is one of the scariest natural disasters in my opinion, water can be so damaging to everything around it and there's really nothing that can be done to stop it. Sending prayers your way!
    Don't feel guilty for taking outfit photos! A cheery little red frock can always brighten up a sad mood, and what a nice basic cut that will be just perfect for layering!

  13. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this scary weather. Sending warm thoughts your way, beauty!

    Xo, Hannah


  14. I guess I should stop complaining about how hot it is here and just be thankful that we aren't having floods or other types of truly unwanted weather. Glad that you weren't affected too badly by this catastrophe and I think it's great that you still managed to put a post up. You always have the cutest sunglasses and you look so darling in this outfit :)

  15. Gorgeous use of red, so pretty!
    Love this post :)


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  16. I'm glad you are safe and sound and that your apartment was safe. You popped in my head when I heard Boulder was getting hit pretty bad with the flooding. So crazy how quickly that can happen, we were just there and it was 90 degrees! Love this dress and how you dressed it down for everyday wear. I'm going to have to try that out on some dresses I don't get to wear enough.

  17. such a lovely outfit, love these photos so much! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?
    kisses and have a nice day,


  18. love the the entire look, sooo gorgeous!
    Emma xx

  19. So sorry to hear about all of that flooding :/ I will def. be keeping the folks in your area in my thoughts and prayers. I really love how you layered this dress over the sweater/sweatshirt. I always feel like when I try to do that it comes out wrong, but you really did seamlessly! I love red on you too- and it really makes your lipstick POP!

    xo, Alyssa

  20. you look so darling! That dress is just so cute and those booties are just so adorable too!

    Glad to hear that you are doing okay and are safe! Thinking of your area during the rebuilding time!


  21. love how you dressed down a kind of fancy looking dress as you say w/ that fun sweater. also, I am so glad to hear you're ok!! i watched a video clip online the other day when i heard you had to leave you neighborhood. i knew it was bad but seeing the video really made it all real. were you able to leave driving or did you have to walk because of the rain? was pookie petrified? I was imaginging if we had to run home and put things up & the kitties into the carrier and run off, they'd be so scared. anyway, so glad you're all ok and def sending my best to so many who lost a lot.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda