Double Double Toil and Trouble

Hi Guys,
Half way to the weekend! This is an outfit I wore out to dinner and a movie this past Sunday and its probably one of my favorite in a while.  Along with the rest of the fashion community, I am in love with deep colors and velvet, and this little dress pretty much has it all.  It used to be closer to floor length, but I shortened the hem a bit to give it a little more modern vibe.  It will be listed in the shop tonight; another one I will be sad to part with but really excited to see what lovely gal makes it theirs! Sometimes I wish I could put a tracking chip into my vintage pieces so I could really see all the amazing places they go! (Okay that's admittedly kind of creepy...)
  Outfit Details:
Shoes: Vintage/ thrifted
Necklace: Vintage/ gift
Hat: Target
    And speaking of a little creepy, I was feeling a little witch like in this outfit, but I am really kind of loving the darker bohemian vibe of it all!  I had to get this hat from Target immediately after seeing it on the lovely Katie's blog! The perfect finishing touch was my new "Jack the Lad" by Butter London nail polish that the awesome people over at Karmaloop sent over for me to try!  Green is my absolutely favorite color, and the deep emerald color with golden flecks makes this my number one favorite nail polish I have ever owned- and that's saying a lot! I also got this amazing deep fuchsia colored one which called "Fiddlesticks" which I cannot wait to pair with a champagne colored holiday dress and curly hair.  "Scuppered", "Shag", and "Royal Navy" are next on my lust list, and I think this little trio would make THE PERFECT holiday gift for a friend!
     Have you guys tried any polish from Butter London? What is your go-to holiday nail color for the holidays?
xo Hannah


  1. This dress is so beautiful, I'm sad you're parting with it too. I totally understand what you mean about tracking your vintage. I'm always so inspired when I see how other folks style my pieces.

  2. I love this outfit! It has a nice 90s feel to it. I love the title of this post too. It reminds me of that Mary Kate and Ashley Halloween movie. Do you know what I'm talking about? haha

  3. Hahah the line "(Okay that's admittedly kind of creepy...)" made me laugh. But I'd totally be curious too! You should demand blog sites during check out.

    And I always love nail polish names, they're always so cute. And how pretty is your witchy bohemian dress! You really have the best finds :)

  4. I really do love your hat! (Target, hmmmm.....?) The whole outfit goes together so well. You really rock the boho look :)

  5. oh wow, i can't believe that dress is velvet!! that's such an amazing find, it's a great cut too, if i found that i don't think i'd ever be able to part with it and sell it to someone else, haha.

    little henry lee

  6. What a great floral print! And I'm really diggin that nail polish, too.


  7. I can't believe you're going to put this dress in your shop, I would have the hardest time selling these cute dresses! You look amazing as always Hannah :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. cute dress and love your nail polish!

  9. OMGoodness the hat looks amazing on you! Is it everything you ever hoped and dreamed it would be? Because I seriously haven't stopped wearing mine. The color looks perfect with the floral of your dress! I love how vintage bohemian this is, you wear that style so well. I rarely do my nails, but after seeing so many of my favorite bloggers wearing such cute colors I might have to make it my newest challenge. Love your green nails!

  10. Oh my goodness Hannah! We are twins!! Except my dress isn't velvet :( just by boots! This dress is seriously gorgeous! I might snatch it up from you!! Love your hat, they have a lot of good ones at target right now!! And emerald green just happens to be my favorite color as well so you better believe im dying to try that nail polish!

  11. This is so beautiful! I love the colors and how everything fits together so perfectly! And snow again! Haha! Its so crazy that is already snowing where you live :)
    Have a great day dear!

  12. Awwww look at all the snow and the mountains... lucky!


  13. I've never tried butter nail polish but i really want to. I'm stuck on Essie right now. and this dress is really cool - i get what you mean about wanting to see where a piece goes. i'd be interested in a piece's story. and i lovee that hat on you! how adorable

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  14. I'm SO jealous of your hat, I've been looking all over for a burgundy one like this! good thing Target is making it's way closer to me ;)

  15. i adore your hat here! hats are so wonderful this time of the season!

    lindsey louise


  16. lovely blog.

  17. That hat is awesome! I love that some 90's trends are coming back :)

  18. Love your blog! Follow eachother on GFC & Bloglovin' ??

    Will follow straight back!


    Kelly xox

  19. What a lovely dress! I love velvet so much. And your nail varnish is beautiful too.
    I'm a bit like that with my shoes, I want to see where they get to adventure! One of my lovely customers who travels a lot doing drama/comedy put a picture of Tumblr of my shoes saying all the places she'd worn them, it made my day to know how far my little shoes had travelled!

  20. Wow, that dress brings back memories- I'm pretty sure I had a similar one in the 90s :) I used to love the velvety floral prints back then! You look darling, I'm sure you were the best dressed in the theater! My go-to polish is blue, I think I just change up the shades :) Have a good weekend, girl!