Hello Mr. Rabbit Guest Post

Hello Braided Bandit readers! I am so happy to be posting on Hannah's lovely blog here. I am Lindsey Louise from Hello, Mr. Rabbit and I plan to show you a few things I love about my hometown, Kansas City, in the fall. 
When most people think of Kansas City, Missouri, I believe they think of BBQ and... I am not actually sure what else! Considering I am a vegan, BBQ is not high on my list! There are so many restaurants  parks, and vintage stores that make Kansas City so interesting. One of my favorite restaurants to eat at in the fall, would have to be Aladdin's Cafe. This is a Mediterranean restaurant located in a lovely neighborhood here. The patio seating (which makes up most of the restaurant) is perfect for a fall lunch with a friend. Another restaurant I adore in the fall is Town Topic. This is the oldest diner is Kansas City and located right next to my loft in the Arts District of the city. They are open 24 hours, which makes anytime a great time to venture here. 
     Fall is all about the walks outside and exploring, for me. I love to try and walk most places in the city, and fall is the most wonderful season to do so. In the river-market area, there is a wonderful vintage outlet that is open everyday until sundown. I tend to find my best items there! 
     Kansas City has such a lovely fall season, I am so blessed to live in such a wonderful town. If any readers are thinking of a fall trip, Kansas City is much more than it is made out to be. Thanks for letting my share some of my favorite things around my town! 

Thank you Lindsey! I know I am putting Kansas City on my list now, it looks absolutely adorable!  
xo Hannah


  1. love the green chair and the wood floor in that first photo!

  2. Love the outfit, Lindsey! What a fun post :) I'd sooo love to go to the vintage outlet!

    <3 Meg

  3. Fun to see more about Kansas City.

  4. It's always so fun to see what people love about there town! My husband's family lives outside KC so we always fly into that airport but never get to see the city. We're going for xmas and I'm hoping to change that!

  5. Those leaves are to die for! I've never been to KC but it looks lovely! I love how some of the non-NY/LA/CHI cities in the US are seeing a resurgence of arts and historical preservation!


  6. I love seeing all the aspects of different places of the US - I have never been there but seems like a great place.
    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. This is such a great idea for posts! I don't live too far from Missouri, but I've never been to Kansas City so it was great hearing more about it.

  8. Lol love that you're vegan! I'm vegetarian and my family is all big meat eaters so im outnumbered over here too! You are adorable and your hometown looks so nice.

  9. That old neon sign is really neat! It adds a retro feel to the city!

  10. you look so pretty there ^^


  11. Ok, that restaurant looks like my kind of place to dine! I've been to Missouri, but not to Kansas City. If I'm ever out that way again I'll have to pass through :) Lovely pics!

  12. KC looks awesome! I love cool little restaurants (with outdoor seating!) and nifty thrift stores :)