Postcards from Cozumel 1: Hi Low

Hola! Unfortunately, I am back from my vacation to Cozumel! It was great, but way to short!  I have a ton of pictures that I cannot wait to share, but I thought I would start out with an outfit I wore to dinner on our last night and a few shots from around our hotel!

Outfit Details
Dress: Romwe
Heels: Nine West via Ross
Necklace: gift
Earrings: Forever 21
     I have been saving this dress to wear on this trip even though I got it in the beginning of the summer when I won a $40 giveaway to Romwe.  It is one of my top favorite pieces that I own right now as I love the big floral print, the interesting color palette, and the hi-low cut.  I happened to pack TWO peach color dresses as my nicer dinner outfits, totally not realizing our whole hotel was peach colored as well.  I matched literally everything around me, something that has been happening to me a lot recently!
     We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called El Cozumeleno and it was my first time staying at this type of place.  I was so excited about the unlimited food and drinks aspect, but the food actually turned out to be quite terrible- and I am not picky! That was pretty much the only downfall of the vacation though, everything else was great! The beach and water were stunning, and that is where we spent most of our time - lounging, swimming, reading, and relaxing.  We also did some exploring, both downtown and along the beaches by our hotel, but I will save that for later! I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and I am thankful I only had to survive yesterday and today at work before the weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. oh my word, that dress is STUNNING on you!

    p.s. let's please have a blogger meet-up this fall!

  2. sounds like a pretty fabulous vacation..minus the bad food :o) I loooove your dress!

  3. looks like fun! beautiful dress, and I love your new hair do!

  4. Wow looks like you two had the perfect place to stay, near the beach alright! You look gorgeous in that dress, such a pretty color, great pattern and cut. So funny how you matched. Bummer about the food, so strange but glad the rest went great. Look forward to hearing more, welcome back : ) oh, & expect a comment rampage from me as I get caught up.

  5. I love that print! Your vacation looks niiiice.


  6. Happy to see you back, WOW is this dress gorgeous. Everything about it- the cut, the print, the color, etc. is just lovely. Looks like you had a fun time! P.S. I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

  7. Just discovered your blog! Super cute dress :)

    chīsana blogger

  8. That sounds like so much fun! And your dress and shoes are gorgeous! Wedges + a high-low dress is always a win!

  9. The hotel looks so pretty. Love your dress!

  10. I love your dress, it's so pretty. It's funny that you were co-ordinated with the hotel! Looks like a lovely place to stay, can't wait to see more photos :)

  11. The weather and the beach and the water all look fantastic! Looks like such an amazing vacation :) And ooo that dress is gorgeous, I really love that peach color and the floral print and the floral hem...soo many things to love about it!

  12. this looks like perfection! i love giant chess sets like that. i've never been to cozumel - it looks beautiful. and that dress is so adorable on you

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  13. It's funny - seems everything in Mexico is this peachy-pink color. My hotel was too! That's too bad about the food - but I vaguely remember being a bit disappointed by the hotel food as well. They stuck little chunks of ham in everything - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The street food was a million times better.

    It looks like such a fabulous place though. I am smitten to bits with your hi-lo dress. It is just way too pretty for words and looks like a million bucks on you to boot! xo Marisa

  14. freaking gorgeous hannah!! as is the white dress above on you!! xoxo