Hi guys! So, I'm a big dummy and thought that this was my 100th post.  I planned to do a little about me question and answer thing as a way to commemorate the milestone so you guys could get to know me a little better.  It turns out, Blogger counts even draft posts that are not published yet as "posts" as well, so uhh... happy 99th post to me!?  Isn't it strange how we celebrate occasions that ends in zero, and occasionally, ones that end in 5, as the most important?  Why is the 100th post more important, and more of an occasion to celebrate, than the 99th post? Or similarly, I celebrated my 25th birthday this past year, and it seemed like a huge deal.  However, the upcoming 26th birthday does not seem noteworthy at all.  I am all about acknowledging milestones and celebrating accomplishments throughout your life, but I just find it strange how we place perhaps unearned importance on certain occasions if they end in a zero. So anyway, here I am, and I am going to celebrate my 99th post if you guys care to join me.

Outfit Details:
Dress: vintage/ shortened by me
Necklace: old-gift from mom
Purse: gift from R's mom 
Heels: Ross
Belt: Forever 21
I really wish you guys COULD join me. I have met so many beautiful, kind, and inspiring ladies from having this blog this past year.  I cannot tell you how awesome it is to get emails throughout the day telling me that someone has left me yet another nice comment.  It really helps boost you up even on the bad days.  On that note, I am going to answer a few questions that the lovely Shanti of Casual Glamour tagged me in
What inspired you to start blogging?
I honestly did not even know this type of blog (being fashion, lifestyle, and photography-centric) existed until about a year and a half ago.  I stumbled upon a few favorites such as Delightfully Tacky, Steffy's Pros and Cons, and A Beautiful Mess, which were all beautiful and brimming with creativity, and I was instantly hooked.  Around that same time, I also had just started my own vintage shop on etsy, and saw that some of these ladies, like Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons, were using blogging as not only a creative outlet to showcase their style and photography, but also as a promotional tool for there own shops.  I was inspired by the idea that you can have a blog about style and fashion that is also sustainable and affordable by showcasing outfits that centered mainly around vintage and thrifted items.  And voila, here I am!
Describe a fun weekend for you.
A fun weekend for me would be the trifecta of adventurous, productive, and relaxing in equal parts.  Living in Boulder, Colorado gives me great access to the mountains and other beautiful areas outdoors.  I love to go on mini weekend adventures such as a mountain drive exploring with R that ends at a brewery for lunch.  I also really like working on my shop during the weekend, as I do not have much time to do so while working full time during the week, which is where the productive part comes in.  Lastly, especially on Sunday evenings, I like to just relax and have no plans! Some yummy food and vegging with R is the perfect end to a weekend in my book.
What are other hobbies/ interests you have?

I love this one and wish all my blogger friends would answer it, as it so often happens that we get in the habit of only discussing certain limited aspects of our daily lives on our blogs.  So here are some little things about me that you may not have known!  I play the keyboard and piano, and have since I was 6.  I played tennis all growing up and in high school, and still love to play with my family (who also all play) when I see them.  I love cats especially, but all animals really.  I did foster care for our local animal shelter for about 7 years and cannot wait until I am older and have my own place so I can do it again!  I had a jewelry shop on etsy before I had my vintage shop, and still love making things when I feel inspired.  I love food. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years, but could never be a vegan because I love cheese too much.  I usually like eating pretty healthy during the week, but I absolutely love taking a night to get a huge burrito or pizza, staying in by myself, and watching the trashiest of television shows on my laptop.  Lastly, I must mention the obvious ones: I really love photography, thrifting, and writing this blog! I am thinking about starting another blog about inspiring houses and places that I see so I have a place to focus on photography besides outfit photos. Would you guys read a blog about the photography of pretty houses? I don't know if its too small of a niche to be interesting or not, but I sure do have a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head!

Okay, I think I am going to leave it at that for now! I would love to hear about some of your hobbies or little facts I may not know about you in the comments! Also, I should mention, these photos are actually from our first night in Cozumel before going out to dinner.  A tropical thunderstorm was about to roll in, as you can probably tell by the ominous sky and me trying to keep my dress in place in the wind! The dress is vintage and used to be ankle length but I gave it a little makeover and loved the results! It will soon be up in the shop. I am off on spur of the moment road trip  to camp at the Great Sand Dunes National park for the long weekend, and cannot wait to share my adventures with you upon my return.  Thanks for reading and hope you guys have an amazing weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. First, let me say that I absolutely adore this dress. The cut is flattering on you and I love how you styled it. Secondly, I LOVED reading this! It's always fun to read more about bloggers' personal lives and this is no exception. There were so many things about you I didn't know (you play piano and tennis!)and I would love to read a photography/interesting houses blog by you. Congrats on the almost-100 posts!

  2. Han this dress is adorable. I think you should think twice about selling it. Love your 99th post! Keep on bloggin! It is getting me through anesthesia school one post at a time! Thanks! :)

  3. Wonderful outfit and post! :) and I think it's amazing that you're a vegetarian! I don't think I could ever do it, though I'm trying to eat healthier nowadays :D

    chīsana blogger

  4. happy 100th (or 99th!) post!!! and thank you for your sweet comment. it means so much to know i can inspire someone :)


  5. Uh oh, Maybe today was not my 100th post either! haha I'll have to check to see if wordpress does the same as blogger.

    xo Jennifer


  6. Lovely blog.

  7. this scenery is beautiful and i love the pink belt on your dress

  8. hannah! i would totally follow a home/places blog. i love that sort of photography, especially interiors of houses. do it and let me know when you do! :) also, i'm having a sale on my etsy, since I know you said you liked some things on there. check it out!!
    Sometimes Almost Always

  9. Happy 99th!! If I lived closer, I would totally come and throw a party for you...hehe. Celebrations are not only for numbers that end in zero, that's for sure!

    I loved reading through all your answers, Hannah. I didn't even realize that you played piano that long too! I've played from the age of 5 and also took tennis lessons throughout school as well! It's seriously too bad we don't live closer to one another!

    Stellar pics per usual! I love your little pops of red and turquoise against the very pretty neutral dress. Have a sweet Saturday darlin! xo Marisa

  10. Hi Hannah! wonderful, happy 99th post, happy blogging, thanks for answering some of those questions so nicely, love getting to know you more! I would love to see a blog with house photos :) have a great weekend get away! beautiful outfit in this post too :)

  11. Haha, happy 99th post! Celebrate anything and everything. :) I also get mixed up on how many posts I have; you're not alone! :) And super cute dress!

  12. Lovely, lovely dress! And congrats on making it to 99. I think I'm only on like #20 or something. Inspiring to see how sucessful your blog is and that you've made it this far!

  13. Yay, I loved learning a little more about you! I've never played tennis other than with friends and always find it quite enjoyable... esp that part when we miss the ball (prob the kind of people you hate playing with since you're good! haha). That's really cool you play piano too; one of my goals this year is to finally learn an instrument. And... I would love to see more pictures of houses and places you see but I do get overwhelmed keeping track of blogs so I'd love to see it right here. And thank you for your super sweet last comment! Today was spent working on stats hw (super exciting Sat night haha) but hopefully tomorrow will bring more r&. Hope you're having an awesome time at the dunes, can't wait to hear/see about it! And congrats on post 99, we def have a silly obsession w/ round (or half round I guess) numbers! oh and you look so pretty in that dress, great w/ the little belt & beautiful necklace.

  14. I love your paired bag and shoes, so cute! Happy 100th post!!

  15. haha aw, slightly anti climactic for you! but the 99th is as cool as the 100th i think :) and what a cute outfit to have for it- i love the details you added to your white dress!

  16. You look so pretty in this dress, I love it! The red belt is perfect. I loved reading about you, I think I already told you I used to live near boulder. I live un Utah now but the mountains are pretty much the same and I love hiking them occasionally. I'm also a vegetarian but love cheese! I could never ever give it up!!


  17. Its interesting to hear how you started blogging.

    Also, love such a classic, simple dress like that!

  18. I love that necklace and the color really pops against the dress with the belt. Very cute!

  19. haha I guess I never thought about it, but happy 99th post :) And this outfit is really pretty, I love how you added the necklace and belt for some extra color. And wow that's really cool that you play tennis. I've always wanted to learn how to play tennis because I love watching the matches :)

  20. cute outfit,
    Realy like all the colours.

    following you



  21. I really love this dress- such a great vintage find and I think shortening it was a good call! It is funny how we celebrate things that end in 0 & 5, although my 26th birthday was my golden birthday so it was a milestone for me ;) It was fun to read all these things about you- I also can't be vegan due to the OBSESSION with cheese, but being vegetarian is easy for me.

  22. Such a pretty look - I love the flashes of colour in the necklace and belt xo

  23. you look SO LOVELY here!! love everything about this look!! happy 99th post ;)