Airplanes and Grassy Plains

It is Friday, hooray! I started off my morning with a nice large cup of coffee from my favorite local coffee shop here in Boulder called Ozo.  I had my namesake coffee called the "Hannah Bee", which is a mocha with hints of vanilla and honey in it.  They have a specialty Mocha list and everything I have tried on it is wonderful.  They have a Mayan mocha which has cocoa nibs and some sort of chipotle spice, a red velvet mocha with raspberries, and so many more unique and delicious creations. I hate the coffee at work, but would be even more broke if I got coffee out every day.  So, I usually only allow myself a special cup on Fridays as something to look forward to at the end of the long week.  Do you make special days for certain things so you have something to look forward to or as a way to budget money better?
Outfit Details:
Shorts: thrifted/ altered
Wedges: thrifted
Bow Earrings: Romwe
Glasses: Ray Ban

    So, these pictures were taken last weekend.  I just got in my car and drove for a few minutes away from town and ended up by the tiny Boulder airport which had some sort of glider show going on.  It was amazing!  I found a little grassy prairie at the end of a little residential area and tried to time my tripod to catch pictures of the planes that were taking off every five minutes or so.  It was kind of a trying process, but it was beautiful and interesting to watch either way! 
    I am wearing the prettiest baby blue vintage blouse with a perfect little lace collar that is now available in my shop.  The shorts I am wearing I thrifted a few months ago, but they were almost knee length and got buried in my endless alterations pile.  I finally got around to them last weekend and I love them now! They are slightly high waisted, have large ruched pockets, a tiny polka dot print, and a huge bow.  Oh and the best part- the back of the waist is elastic, so it gives a tiny bit of breathing room unlike other high waisted denim that I have- I love the way it looks, but man oh man, I want to tear those things off (or at least unbutton the top button) within an hour of putting them on!  
     I am also wearing my glasses in a few photos, since I don't think they have ever made an appearance on here before! I usually only wear them for driving at night or going to the movies, but I brought them so I could see the planes better.  Also, thank you for all of your kind words about my training at work, it has been going well! You guys are the best! Any fun plans for the weekend? I want to hear about them!
xo Hannah


  1. So pretty! Love, love the blue!!

    ox from NYC!


  2. wow, these photos are really amazing. blue against blue! really striking.

  3. I love these pictures! The cloudy blue sky and the blue outfit look fantastic together. Then add the planes and you have an exceptional photoshoot, indeed!

    The coffee shop sounds so good.

  4. The huge expanses of blue sky in these photos is amazing! I know how you feel about high waisted shorts, those ones are super cute though with the little polka dots. I can't believe they used to be knee length, I'm finding that hard to picture!
    Faye x

  5. Great photos! Love the clouds! Ray ban eyeglasses rock! have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  6. You are so gorgeous and have the most amazing style! I've fallen for your blog! Newest follower!

  7. This has to be the best location ever:) Airplane fields like this are the best place to just kick back - there's one in Philly near the water that my hubs and go to frequently to just lay out on the roof of our car and watch the planes fly overhead in the summer.

    Per always your outfit is so so pretty! I really adore the blue on blue here - something I've never tried before, but so want to after seeing this!

    I was going to email you earlier today about the logo but looks like you got to me first:) No rush - as long as I have it by the 30th in the afternoon, we'll be good to go:) Thanks Hannah! Have a loverly week! xx Marisa

  8. These photos are truly beautiful, I love how the sky matches your outfit :) and I also like your high bun. Lately I've been wearing my hair like this all the time!

    Life is a romantic poem

  9. I enjoy this post a lot and loving your outfit!

  10. Absolutely love this outfit and your top bun is perfect!

    Dearest Lou

  11. love the head to (almost toe) blue. these photos are so pretty! and the donut bun. major love!

  12. you look so good! i love these pictures :)

    Check me out!

  13. your blouse is beautiful and that's the perfect bun!


  14. Mmm a mocha with vanilla and honey? Sounds delicious! Love your all blue look - so cute and the color is great with your complexion :)

  15. we often take our summer vacation in Salida, CO but I've never been to Boulder. I would love love love to take a trip especially to try out that coffee shop- dadgum!

  16. what gorgeous pictures, you always get me w/ those pastures! amazing find on those wedges too, they look like the perfect height & that blouse is a great color & fit on you, must be hard to part w/ ; ) I get treat myself to coffee too many fridays also but it's more a treat of walking & chatting w/ coworkers because I just get black coffee w/ plenty of cream, which I make daily at my desk w/ a mini coffee maker i thrifted.

  17. Thanks for your oh so amazing comment on my blog :) you are SO cute and you made my day! I love these pics. I used to live near boulder. Makes me miss it. I love that blouse and the way you paired it with those cute shorts. And I often rock the sock bun..its so easy yet you feel so pulled together.
    Anyway, awesome blog! I'm definitely following now. Glad I found you.


  18. what a lovely look darling. i love this shades of blue and your hair looks fabulous!
    love and kiss.mary