Farm Fresh

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend.  How can it possibly be Monday already!?  My weekend had a good mix of being out and about and some needed down time.  Saturday morning R and I went on a breakfast picnic in the mountains near his house to a little park by a creek.  He discovered the park last week and there are picnic benches that are secluded from the road enough where it seems like you are in wilderness, yet it is only a two minute walk from the parking lot.  We got iced coffee and bagels and it was really the perfect morning.  I have pictures to share of that later in the week!  

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted/ Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Thrifted/ Goodwill
Necklace: gift from Rob from a local artist in Kona, HI

I apologize this isn't really much of an "outfit" post.  This is what I wore yesterday to R's mom house and we were just planning on hanging out by the pool and grabbing some fresh produce from the farm across the street, so I really had no desire or need to dress up much!  I thought I would share some pretty flower and farm pictures anyway though.  The last picture is from a hanging basket on R's mom's back porch of flowers called "Fuchsia" she told me. I knew that was the name of a bright pink- purple color, but never knew it was an actual flower too! They were really beautiful and so vividly saturated with color it looked like some sort of alien species (alien as in from outer space, not alien as in a plant not native to the area...). 
     Anyway, isn't her pup Parker just the cutest!  He does have quite the yap though, and will join in any conversation where he is feeling left out.  He is a really good boy though and its always nice to go over there for a while and visit, as I really miss having pets around.  It is also nice because there is a little organic farm across the street that sells eggs, which I have vowed to try and only buy locally instead of from the grocery store whenever possible. Besides the obvious animal treatment benefits from buying from a local farm, you also often get eggs in a cool array of colors! I got white eggs, brown eggs, and light mint green eggs in my carton this time!
   Alright, I will be back with our fun mountain picnic pictures and better outfit photos a little later this week.  Hope you all are having a good Monday!
xo Hannah


  1. Fuchsias are quite a common British flower, you see them everywhere here but I still find them so pretty and unusual! That necklace is lovely too. :)
    Faye x

    1. That is so cool that they are all around there! Maybe they are here too and I just haven't been looking, but I feel like I would have noticed because they are so beautiful! Thanks Faye

  2. Love these pictures! Beautiful vegetables, lavender, cute necklace, that great dog's nose (honestly, the best feature of every dog!))) - looks like you've had a great day))


  3. Ah, just delightful! One of the best things about living in the country is fresh farm produce. The flowers are gorgeous too! I have been wanting to go on a picnic so bad...our weather has been soooo cold lately though. Beautiful photos Hannah. That dog is beyond adorable:) xx

  4. cute dress. :) amazing photos! :)

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    and if you like we can follow each other. let me know :D

  5. Great pictures! Looks,like it was a very nice weekend ... It was rainy and cold all weekend here so not nearly as pretty. That is such a nice looking necklace! I always love blue things.


  6. A picnic!! That is so cute!
    And beautiful photographs. They are so lovely!
    -Britney of L&H

  7. I love how your posts have lots of little details about the surroundings. beautiful flowers, and I love the dog :). have a beautiful day!!

  8. Cute necklace! :) Love the charms dangling from it. :)