The Big Island

I have now been home from Hawaii for a week!  I wanted to save this post in particular for after I was already home so I could revisit these beautiful places through photographs.  These are from our trip around the big island, starting in Kona and then staying for a few days in the Hilo area, which are the two main "cities" on this island.  One of our first stops, shown in all but they last two photographs are from a place called South Point.  The scenery was amazing, starting with pastures of grasslands and old wind turbine fields and ending sheer oceanside cliffs and historic boat launches.

I of course demanded to get out of the car whenever I saw any animals I could share an apple with!  The contrasting scenery against the royal blue sky provided the ideal environment for some terrific photo opportunities!  It was super windy, and we only got to spend about an hour exploring here because we still had so much more to see!

Outfit Details:
Head scarf: vintage/ thrifted
Owl Earrings: Christmas gift from a friend
Sandals: Reef
Dress: borrowed from mom!
Bracelet: handmade by someone in Hawaii, given to my aunt, then given to me

These last two photos are from a famous black sand beach that always has sea turtles lazing around in the sand and tide pools close to shore!  We met these little duck friends when we were about to leave when they came up to me hoping free handouts.  I have been feeling so uninspired since being home.  R calls it "sensory overload"- basically we were exposed to so many beautiful things for two weeks straight that it makes everything else see bland.  But, I live in a beautiful place also, so hopefully this feeling goes away soon, I just need to get back in winter mode!
Hope you had a great weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. So jealous you were in Hawaii, I love that dress, you look so cute!

    xo Gillie

  2. aw horses and cows are my faves :)
    ~niki <3

  3. Thanks for saying hi on my blog ^^ It looks like you are having loads of fun adventures. Love the rock covered in hearts, I'm a sucker for love <3

  4. such a fun trip and you look so lovely. thanks for visiting on my blog :)

  5. these photos are so beautiful! WOW! I wish I would have been there in real life with you! :D:D

    love, polly

  6. Wow, what amazing pics! You are so lucky!

  7. These photos are so pretty, the scenery is so gorgeous! Love the dress on you too.

    Carmen Ri.

  8. cute ducky!! it looks gorgeous and so natural there!

    <3 steffy
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  9. magical! everything here is so magical.

  10. I totally know what you mean, I've been feeling so in the dumps lately and that must be why! Thanks for helping me realize it! I'm glad you stopped to see the animals, I esp love the picture of the horses under the tree and wow, that sea turtle is amazing! I've never seen on so close and was amazed enough to see it several feet away swimming.thanks for sharing your beautiful trip!