Oh Deer Me!

     It's been almost a week since I have posted!  I think sometimes I am less motivated to make a new post when I really like an outfit or set of pictures that are already up.  Then, whatever follows always feel like it won't compare! Anyway, that is kind of how I feel about following my valentines post with its cozy pink dress, whimsical balloons, and snowy backdrop, with this more low key post.  Does any other blogger ever feel that way? Oh well! At least this vintage sweater has an adorable deer on it! (Hence, the really cheesy post title.)
     I have meant to add this sweater, among tons of other things, to my Etsy shop, but as usual, I have been so very lazy.  I wish I could work a part time job and do that as the other half, instead of working full time and never feeling motivated after work to do more "work".  Perhaps when I start eating healthier and join a gym, both of which I plan to start this week, I will have more energy to do the things I want to do!  Isn't it funny how sometimes, even though that will take even MORE time out of the day, it can actually make me feel so much better about everything that I will get more done.  Endorphins, anyone? Yes please.

Outfit Details:
Boots: Target
Sweater: Vintage/ thrifted
Leggings: American Apparel
Dress (worn as skirt): Buffalo Exchange (Denver)
Scarf: thrifted

     For a little snippet of what I have been up to... (since I am sure all of your probably haven't been sleeping at night because you want to know so badly)... I spent this weekend in Denver for a little mini stay-cation.  We stayed at the Curtis, which is a pretty hip little hotel right downtown.  Each floor has a different theme such as horror movies, Speed Racer, musicians, etc., which was pretty cool.  The part that sold me was they handed us warm chocolate chip cookies upon checking in as our welcome gift.  What a brilliant idea! Saturday night we went out for dinner and a few drinks, and Sunday was spent at the museum of Nature and Science, which was really cool minus the ten millions snotting children running wild!
     To leave this on a positive note, which I am going to try to do more often, these pictures were taken on the back deck of my newish place.  I am really excited for the hopefully soon-approaching warmer weather so I can spend some time on this cute little porch!  I am dreaming of roommate dinners and Friday night cocktails outside, summertime white Christmas lights, and reading outside in the sun on weekends!

xo Hannah


  1. thank you for your sweet comment! this little fawn is so cute. we are overridden with deer in my home town, but they do have a beauty about them.

  2. that jumper is ace, you look so cosy! and the hotel sounds amazing, i'd love to stay in a horror themed hotel! xx