Brick Victorian

Well, its not even 1pm on Monday and I am already feeling exhausted by this week.  That said, there are some really exciting things on the near horizon, so I have that to keep me going! If you follow along instagram, you'll know that R and I have been looking at houses to rent for the beginning of this summer, which is always both stressful and exciting.  I think we have decided on one though so I will keep you updated.  And unfortunately, no, its not this brick victorian mansion in the middle of a farm field pictured behind me in these photos, but its still pretty cute!

Outfit Details:
Vintage Striped Dress - for sale in the shop here!
Vintage Maroon Booties - for sale in the shop here!
White Tights - Target
Sunnies & Headband - gifts from Mom

For those of you who take outfit photos, you'll know how exciting it can be coming across a new photo location!  After bringing my sweet foster kitties back to the shelter last week, I pulled over with my tripod on a little dirt pullover on a winding back road when I spied this awesome house in the distance.  Though these colors are probably better suited for fall, I am a firm believer in wearing whatever damn colors you like whenever you so please.  I think its more that the house in the background definitely gives off a beautiful but spooky vibe that is usually associated with the month of October.
    Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for us on our new place, and I hope you guys are all getting the beautiful spring weather that is expected for us here in Colorado this week!
xo Hannah


  1. I find I'm always stuck in an autumn dressing mode, it's the best time of year! I love the white tights with the red and those boots are awesome! I've been looking for a great pair of red boots, but they're hard to come by. And what a dreamy house in the background! I always enjoyed looking at people's houses when driving (it helps being the passenger).

  2. Oh, I like this- like, I feel as if one's head would turn seeing this come down the street (in the best way, of course!)

    So keeping our fingers crossed you and the houses!

  3. "I am a firm believer in wearing whatever damn colors you like whenever you so please." Amen! I really hope you two get that darling little lemony house!

  4. Finding new locations is THE BEST!! You found a good one with this house!
    Pretty Lovely

  5. Ah, this outfit of yours is just perfect!!

  6. Love this whole outfit :) It matches so well with the location. Last summer I wore a lot of orange and rust colored clothing that was better suited for Fall but I agree with you on wearing whatever color you want no matter what season it is. Also, good luck finding a new place!

  7. Oh my- what a divine shooting location! Love that old Victorian- and it matches your outfit beautifully! Alex


  8. Finding new outfit locations always IS the best thing ever! That little (well, not so little) Victorian house in the background is the perfect backdrop. Speaking of, I've gotta find some new locations... I just want it to green up and I'll have tons more, for real.

    Your stripey dress is adorable and I love how wavy your hair is here. Have a fabuu week! :D

  9. Hi, can we talk about how perfect your outfit is? I have the hardest time pairing my white tights, but they're AMAZING with that dress! Also, finding a new location that actually works is uber exciting- I get so frustrated when the background of my photos look blah. And did you guys lock down a house yet?! I saw the cute one you were hoping for on FB :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. whatever colors you damn please! yes please and thank you! : ). i love the colors on this dress & they're extra perfect w/t hose pretty booties. oh man, that house is gorgeous & i totally know what you mean, what an awesome location to find! good luck on the house search! we did that a few months ago & will again this summer so i def feel for ya.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  11. I'm with ya on "whatever colors you damn please!" I love this dress and how it matches the house in the background. I have dreams of a Victorian house painted fun colors one day :) Can't wait to hear the update on the house you're hoping for!