Southwest Snow

     Here I thought single digit temperatures were awful, yet little did I know there was soon to be that dreaded negative sign in front of the number.  The second you step outside (which I plan not to do at all today), the air goes straight through whatever you are wearing and chills your bones.  I have been wearing at least two pairs of pants for days now and I'm feeling thankful to have snapped enough outfit pictures in the last few weeks to have a bit of a back log to post!

Outfit Details - SW Blouse - Vintage, for sale in the shop // Skirt - c/o Oasap // 
Shoes - vintage // Beanie - thrifted // Tights - Marshalls

These were taken last weekend when a fresh layer of snow had fallen but the sun was shining bright.  Its going to be hard to part with this awesome vintage southwestern print top that is now in the shop!  It is already the perfect amount of worn in and has the prettiest print, which is kind of hard to see in these super bright and contrasty photos.  Anyway, lots of vintage to shoot today, so I'll have to keep this short!
xo Hannah


  1. i'm glad you explained that feeling, that's how i feel so easily in the cold but never explained it well. although for me prob in single digit. i dont even know if i've ever been outside in negative temps, although there was a blizzard one yr we visited the grand canyon so maybe. anyway i do love the print on that top, it's perfect w/ the skirt too.

  2. It's super awful and cold here too, I am SO over this winter. Can it be spring yet?
    I love this look, that skirt is perfect with this top, such a great mix :)

  3. I really don't even know how to imagine these negative temps! This time of year I always think I'm crazy for considering Colorado as a possible place for me to live :) But your pics are really pretty with all that fresh snow! Stay warm, girl!

  4. I think it is all relative- just think how warm 5 degrees will feel after this. It has been negative temps here too, which is enough to keep kids indoors for recess and man, they are crawling the walls. Single worse thing about the cold.

    You look darling in the coat too. :)

  5. Negative temperatures should not be allowed!

  6. I have no idea what it's like to have to wear two pair of pants. That sounds awful haha. Hope you're doing well in those cold temps. On the bright side, the snow looks so magical in these pictures. Love the southwest top too.

  7. I'm with you in that I [luckily] have pictures back-logged, sometimes it takes me forever to post! That snow looks beautiful but it must be very super cold. That top is great! Super cozy looking. Hope you are having a great week so far, Hannah!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA