Alpaca Snow

This is pretty much what you will find me wearing when I work from home during the winter: a cozy sweater, and some sort of leggings as pants.  These ones from Target are especially great because they are a thicker hybrid between a legging and sweatpants but they have paneled lines similar to riding pants.  And most importantly, obviously, and elasticized waistband :)
Outfit Details: Pants- Target // Sweater & Hat - thrifted // Jacket - gift // Boots - DSW 

These were actually taken a few weeks ago when the snow would not let up.  We have since got a few warm days in there, and R and I even kicked around a soccer ball and played frisbee outside this weekend! It was a miracle!
    Anyway, I have been busy keeping the shop filled with lots of pretty vintage while also scheming some exciting ideas for my new handmade shop!  So stay tuned!
xo Hannah


  1. Cozy sweaters and leggings as pants is what I live in when it's cold and I'm studying. Love this sweater!! You look adorable :)

  2. Very cozy but cute. Also, it was very winter wonderland-y there for a bit. Pretty!

  3. Those snowy trees are so pretty! I wish I could see scenery like this in real life even for just one day haha. Alos, love the colors of your outfit. That sweater looks super cozy.

  4. Beauitful - love the jacket its gorgeous and those boots. However what I love most is that snow!!! So pretty but can imagine you are sick of it lol.

    Have a lovely day,

    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  5. stretchy pants are da best pants! They're so un-pant-like that I, too, will don 'em if needed. :)

    I love the colors in this outfit, especially that sweater of yours--swoon!

  6. WHAT? FRISBEE? how warm did it get over there? can you hear my jealousy through this comment, haha. and i need to run to target immediately and get pants like that- i love fancy sweats, haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Oooh I'm excited to see what your handmade shop will be bringing! Good to know on the Target leggings, I can only break them out as pants if they are THICK!

  8. yes, this is perfect Hannah!! leggings that double as pants are also my preferred outfit lately. i'm forever in awe of how ppl can sit at home, even lounging & watching a movie in anything w/ a real waistband, like jeans, sooo uncomfy for me i had to unbutton them secretly at my desk (w/ my sweater hiding it) on the two days i wore them to work. anyway i'm going on a real tangent here but i love this sweater as well & the colors of both!! yay for your handmade shop coming soon!!

  9. I love love love leggings :) I enjoy the limited caramel-esque color palette of this outfit, and the coziness!

  10. You look so cozy and put together, and I love the strange light in the photos! :)

    <3 Megan

  11. Beautiful picures! I love thecolor palette of this outfit. You have a new follower ;)