The Sound of Music

 Today I am channeling "The Sound of Music".  I am no expert on this, as I am not even sure I have ever sat through that whole movie, but I do remember seeing it on Broadway as a child and remember specifically that I was not highly amused.  Anyway, I think its the pinafore-type dress over the blouse look that made me think of it. That and the whole "always standing in a field" thing...  Is this me or what?! No? Okay
Outfit Details: Blouse - c/o Persunmall // Dress - vintage, for sale in the shop here! //  
Shoes - vintage, thrifted

     I wore this outfit to work on Monday and all of the bright happy colors definitely helped to eliminate those Monday blues.  This dress used to be long and frumpy but I thought it had great potential with the colorful plaid bottom, chambray top, and floral embroidery.  Its pretty much all of my favorite things all in one spot!  Anyway, I took up the hem and its now for sale in the shop :)
    I just received this sheer blouse in the mail from the lovely people over at Persunmall.  I will have to style it again soon because the dress covered some of the prettiness, but I love that the flowers create on ombre affect down the front of the blouse and sleeves.  Unfortunately, I think its sold out on the site right now but they have a ton of pretty chiffon blouses to choose from!
    I hope you guys are having  a good week! I think I am planning a last minute camping trip this weekend since I haven't been yet this summer, so excited!
xo Hannah


  1. Have fun camping! Looking forward to seeing your new blouse featured again.

  2. lovely outfit, the dress is so cute! your blouse is beautiful, too.
    and have a nice camping time! ;))

  3. that blouse is so lovely! I can't help but sing, THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC in my head..... silly, I know. I posted about our giveaway on my blog yesterday!

    love, polly :)

    1. Trust me I was humming it while writing this haha! Thanks for the little blog feature, I tried to leave a comment but don't think there was an option to!

  4. Such a great outfit and totally channels the movie! So excited to be following you now!


  5. Ooh, I'm swooning over the colorful plaid pattern at the bottom of your dress. And the ~ombre flower~ effect on that shirt really is neat. You have some seriously fun pieces, Hannah!

    Have fun on your camping trip. That sounds like it'll be fun!! *___*

  6. This dress is so wonderful, love it with the floral top underneath!! Such a great combination :)

  7. Pattern mixing! I seriously love all pattern mixing with florals :)

    Flounces & Hubbub

  8. Those hills are alive!
    u r 2 cute.


  9. Very cute outfit! What a lovely blouse!



  10. I have a friend whom you always remind me a little bit of (both in looks and personality actually), and her favorite film is Sound of Music. So odd then to read this, lol. My brain is weird.

    You should give the film a second chance though. I think you might like it more as an adult.

    As always, I am in awe of your ability to see what a dress would be with alterations and how cute it always looks!

  11. Hahah yeah it might be the whole field thing- and did you die your hair again? You are SUCH a cutie with strawberry blonde. It fits you so well. And i love love love this dress. If I wasn't on such a tight budget I'd be prepping its home in my closet right now <3

    xo marlen
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  12. it's a cute outfit! i grew up watching the sound of music! :) have a great time camping!

  13. The floral blouse with the bit of floral in the dress go perfectly together! I love this pretty outfit, and hahah it reminds me of it too. Although I've never watched the whole movie so I only remember the person standing in the field, hahaha.

  14. Really cute vintage piece :) Love the landscape!
    Have a wonderful camping trip! I will go hiking this weekend :)

    Lots of love!

  15. That's an interesting vintage dress... The denim and checks combo is nice! :)
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