Lavender Gold

I sit here typing this with a popsicle stick stuck to my finger wrapped in duck tape.   I had a friend point out to me that it is in fact DUCT tape, but I do still prefer my wrong version, which happens with more words than I care to admit. Anyway, I am pretty sure I broke my finger catching (missing) a fly ball at my softball game last night, which has made working at a computer a bit more annoying.  And since I am admitting things here already, I'll say that broken bones were not uncommon in my childhood as I was *a bit* of a tomboy.  The best (worst) one would probably have to be my broken nose which I got while jumping on a trampoline in the third grade.  More specifically, I was jumping on a trampoline while inside of a refrigerator box which my brother happened to be jumping in with me.  For future reference for all of you, its not the best idea.  Especially the day before school pictures.
 Outfit Details: Dress - c/o American Apparel // Blouse - c/o August Wrinkle // Flats -vintage

     Since we are on the topic of my past, in my teens I hated pink and purple and anything covered in flowers was completely out of the question, so its pretty funny that I write a so-called "fashion" blog now where I love those things and post photos of myself wearing them on a regular basis.  My mom reminded me of this after she saw Monday's blog post wearing a pink floral dress with matching pink heels and floral sunglasses.  Needless to say, its interesting how your opinions on things can change in a ten year time span. When I am in my mid thirties I will probably cringe at my mid twenties self posting all these twee outfit photos on the internet for all to see.  And since nothing on the internet is ever erased, I am going to ahead and say hello to 35 year old me reading this. Hello 35 year old Hannah! Remember when you were floundering around in your mid twenties wondering what you should actually do with your life? Oh wait you're STILL doing that? Well shit.
      Now that I have finished conversing with my potential self ten years from now, I'll leave it at that and say have a great weekend! We are off to the mountains after work to go camping and I'll be sure to take some pictures to share!
xo Hannah


  1. Ouch! And Duck Tape is a name brand of duct tape so you're all good.

    1. I love you in this; it is so fun to see it back on you after an extended tour with the Flock Together ladies.

  2. Lol I always wonder if today's fashion bloggers are going to keep posting. Can you imagine some 50 year old women posting pics of themselves in peter pan collars? I'd subscribe to that.
    You look great as usual. I was going to point out that Duck tape was a thing, but it looks like I got beaten to the punch :)


  3. Hahaha, I love the shout out to your 30 year old self, that's so funny. And I love that i'll have something to look back on, it's so interesting to see how we change!! I think so at least. I used to be repelled by pink and purple as well, and was a total tomboy. Oh how things change!
    LOVE this dress, it's amazing with the shirt underneath, and this shade of lipstick on you is lovely!

  4. Hahaha "well shit". I'll probs be in the same boat, so no worries. And teenage me couldn't get out of sweatpants so it's totally a shock i have a fashion blog, too. and LOL at you breaking your nose while being in a refrigerator box?! you were a peculiar child, hannah, a peculiar child haha.

    xo marlen
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  5. The trampoline story, is GOLD! I remember once we got a new fridge when I was a kid, we played with that box for dayssss. No one really understand the joy of a refridgerator box! Sorry about your nose though.

    This dress is just lovely! Have an amazing time camping! Sounds like a blast!

    perfectly priya

  6. Oh no, hope that your finger feels a lot better soon! Are you going to come an amazingly dramatic story to tell when people asked how it happened? Fleeing from sharks? Escaping zombies? or swimming from shark zombies?! That I think is your best bet!

    Also, this dress is adorable! And I hope that your 35 year old self agrees and gives herself a pat on the bat for being such a stylish 25 year old!


  7. This dress looks so good any way it is styled. It really is the perfect color. It is funny how our tastes change so much! I feel like I even change multiple times a year as to what I like-I guess that's the fun of fashion! :)

  8. This dress is so adorable ^^ I also love how you wore that pretty collared blouse underneath it :) I hope you're finger heals fast! It sounds painful... x

  9. hehehe, I love that you were a tomboy when you were little! I was totally the same... always traveling in the woods behind our house, and playing in the creek, and catching frogs and scraping my knees trying to climb trees... I even had a secret hideout in some bushes. We're cool kids, you and I, Miss Hannah. ;)

    I still love that purple dress. I always love that purple dress. If I had to steal one item from your closet... it would be that purple dress. :D

    "Oh wait, you're STILL doing that? Shit." ---hahaha, you crack me up!

  10. Haha, I'm actually the same! Although I'm still at the beginning of my twenties and slowly starting to wear more cute dresses XD

  11. This is my absolute favourite outfit of yours. The colour, and all the pretty detailing is incredible. You look eautiful. I adore your hair too. I wish you all the best with your finger, I broke one many years ago and it was extremely painful

  12. That dress is so pretty,
    I also love the amazing collar of
    the blouse you are wearing underneath. :)
    And your shoes are so adorable.


  13. You look beyond stunning in this dress! Lavender is one of my favorite colors for summer and you are totally rocking it!

    Xo, Hannah


  14. oh shit to what to do in life indeed! haha I do hope i'll figure that out by 35 but you know what, thanks for the reminder that I might not and it's ok. or the unintentional reminder. anyway, i feel like we have even more in common now, knowing that you were also a huge tomboy as a kid. i refused to wear anything but basketball shorts/big tees for a while, it was horrendous. glad your nose healed ok after that mishap and, wow, hope your finger heals quickly!! and, i always love this dress on you, you look so pretty in that color and i love how you can wear it w/ combat boots once and then w/ vintage heels next, makes me feel not wishy washy about my style : )
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  15. haha i definitely dressed completely differently 10 years ago, i wore all black all the time, black jeans and black band t-shirts, and now i mix it up and wear whatever i want, including really twee pastel dresses like yours! also i have to say i love your hair colour, it's such a unique shade that i never see on anyone.

    little henry lee

  16. Your lavender dress is so pretty and I LOVE the sequin collar:)And hahahah I used to say the same thing. I thought duct tape was spelled like duck tape. I was so shocked when I learned it isn't.

  17. I LOVE your collar, I made one exactly like that! And your hair is such an interesting colour xxx

  18. What a sweet dress Hannah - love the collar, and absolutely adore the red lip! xo

  19. I think I fall in love with this dress (hooray, it survives!) a little bit more each time I see it. It has to be one of my favorites that I've borrowed. I LOVE the collar under it! Talk about a match made in heaven! And the shoes are just darling too.

    Ha, duck tape! I think it's awesome that you've broken bones and have stories for them. This whole post me laugh. Especially the last part. So kudos for that haha

  20. you look gorgeous! i love lavender, and i think it goes great with redheads like us!! xoxo


  21. hahaha I so love you talking to your 35 year old self. I think about that sometimes, too. I know that stuff on the internet never really disapears, so I do wonder sometimes how I'm going to feel about these outfit posts yeaaaars from now, haha! And regardless of how you've ever felt about pink and purple- this is GORGEOUS! The color totally suits you and I love it with your red hair ;)

    xo, Alyssa