Windy Whining

Well, in a "roll" of at least 30 shots in this outfit, these were really the only salvageable ones.  Taking pictures in the wind is SO hard! It's unfortunate, because I really love this adorable little vintage dress with the animal print details! It used to be a maxi but I took up the hem for a more modern fit, and its now in the shop! Anyway, this happened to pictures on both Sunday and Monday which is so frustrating, so I really would like to start taking a few of my outfit snaps inside to make life a bit easier while the weather is still wintry and unpredictable!
Outfit Details:
Shoes: Vintage/ thrifted
Tights: Target
     Do you guys ever take shots indoor to save time? I really hate to do it often because Colorado has such pretty scenery I always feel its a waste. But, I have been trying to think up a few cute setups indoors so I can post more often until the weather finally gets nicer!
    Anyway, that's all I really have for now! I hope everyone is having a good week!
xo Hannah
p.s. I just saw the Family Affairs Fall 2013 collection on Calivintage, and this dress looks like it could have been pulled straight from the collection (excuse me while I contemplate pulling it out of the shop for keeps haha!)


  1. Def. love that dress - so cute - I can't believe you aren't keeping it! :) I hear you on the outdoor photos right now. It was 10 below yesterday. There is just no way I can be out there without a coat right now! So, inside-my-office photos will have to do for now. :) xo

  2. I love your shoes and those tights are so cute! You are seriously so cute. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. girl, this is so so cute!! love this look like crazy! just go with the wind- model style ;)


  4. This is an adorable dress, I am loving the leopard print details. I hate taking pictures in the wind too, but my house has the most horrendous lighting so I can't do indoor photos

  5. This dress is such a great vintage find! I seriously can't get over the leopard collar. And I totally get you with wind pictures. I always take 40 pictures only to find 2 that look decent. I always just man up and take on the wind since I can't take indoor pictures. :P

  6. Absolutely love your dress - these little animal print details are too pretty!

    Have a fantastic day,

  7. Ugh, you and me both girl! I hate taking photos when its windy out - but I hate taking photos indoors even more. Lol sacrifices, sacrifices.
    Love the animal print trim on this pretty dress. It definitely looks better with the new hem! Haha

    Trendy Teal

  8. That looks fantastic - but it also looks so cold! Love your shoes too :)

  9. I hate my apartment and never take shots inside, but I don't mind it at a friends house or something! If you have a cute place (I know you do - you have awesome florring I remember) I would do it! Wind is hard - I end up showing my butt a lot like a marilyn monroe kind of moment. It's not cute.

    I love this dress too - the little animal print detail is adorable

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

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  10. Lovely dress. Your pics are always nice.

    Valeria. http://myurbanmarket.blogspot.it
    Giveaway: http://myurbanmarket.blogspot.it/2013/02/international-giveaway-share-love.html

  11. Tell me about it....the wind, ugh! Story of my life lately too - or at least as far as photo taking goes :-) That dress is too cute for words Hannah! It would definitely be super hard for me to give up...mmm, I may just have to snag it for myself...oops, I just did!!! Yay :-)

    I have stayed away from doing photos indoors only my house is really shaded due to living on a mountain surrounded by trees. I think if I had more light I would definitely go for it though.

    Ok well now I'm just totally excited about this dress - you did an awesome job hemming it up to a cute length. I can't even imagine someone wearing it as a maxi.

    Have a lovely evening darling gal <3 Marisa

  12. A classic 'Braided Bandit" look :)

  13. Haha, I am talking about the weather in my newst post too ;)
    Your little dress is lovely and I really really like those shoes!


  14. Aww yes this dress is wonderful, how awesome to share it with a friend :) Great shots, Hannah! I do love me a good geese photo haha

    <3 Megan

  15. I have been taking so many indoor shots lately it seems. It's better than freezing your fingers off in my opinion! Oh how I long for spring...This is a darling dress! Love that you altered it-it's such a cute length now. And wow it does look like it could be from that collection! Great find by you, my goodness. Have a blessed day!

  16. aghhh photographing in the wind is definitely not fun, but you look great in all of these! :)

  17. oh so cute!! i thought that was a sleeved top under w/ that cute leopard print! love your down to earth pairing w/ the cute booties and tights here, def something i'd wear! i never take pics inside because i cant get them to look ok but actually i only have a weather excuse in summer when it's 115.

  18. That little dress is beautiful! I need to check out your shop pronto xo

  19. Good shots - that dress looks super cute on you!

  20. I hate it when the weather ruins photos...lately it's been raining here so it's been making it hard to do outfit posts.

    xo erica

  21. haha, you should keep that dress! it looks perfect on you! as for you talking about weather/photos and things.. i really try to take photographs outside as well! the lighting, i feel, is always so horrible inside!

    lindsey louise


  22. Oh my gosh I know how you feel. Those shots of that tartan dress from my last post in Yokohama - well let's just say I had a "roll" of about 300. And it was 2 degrees and WINDY (don't let the sunshine fool you). So windy. My whole body was numb for about half an hour afterwards. The things we do for fashion and good shots.. ;) Loving your dress alteration! You made it into such a cuuute frock!

  23. The scenery is beautiful,indeed. And so you are. What a lovely dress!!

  24. like your photos ;)


  25. anything with leopard is a winning look in my book!


  26. This dres...oh my word adorable! I totally looked it up but it's already been sold :( such a good find though! It looks super comfy!

    perfectly priya