Neutral Colorblock

Friday, thanks goodness.  Sometimes I think this blog is on repeat.  Let me break it down in terms of the days of the week I usually post on: Monday- boooo. Wednesday- ehhhh. Friday- hooray!
 Outfit Details:
Purse: gift from R's mom
I wore this fun vintage dress last weekend to go out to lunch and do a bit of shopping.  I finally got my much pined-after pair of neutral booties too!  I was originally going to alter this dress into a mini, but after wearing it for a day a decided it was really special just the way it was! The cut is a bit out of the box for me, but isn't that one of the major points of having style blog? To expand your style and experiment with different things?  I love the color-blocking and wish I had paired it with a colorful chunky necklace, as this is a bit...neutral for me!
   Any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight I am going to see filmmaker Kevin Smith live doing one of his podcasts (or Smodcasts) which should be fun! I am praying I don't get chosen for some sort of audience participation though. We are grabbing some dinner and drinks after work before the show as well.  Then I plan on avoiding most super bowl activities besides the Puppy Bowl.  What do you guys have planned?
xo Hannah
P.S. Happy February!


  1. happy friday to you darlin! :) Love your smile...

  2. This dress is really cute, and it looks great on you! I especially love the contrast stitching.


  3. Love the neutral look! Sometimes it's fun to wear something out of our norm. You look great!

  4. This is a great dress, love the neutral colourblocking!! That's so awesome you get to go see Kevin Smith! I am super jealous

  5. Love the blocks of colour, and your boots are so cute! Happy Friday :)

  6. Hannah- you are so cute AND brave to be posing in the snow like that! You must be a pro, I'm just such a wimp. Teach me how to pose in the snow! This dress is awesome, I would love it even more if the black segment is leather and the bottom brown segment is suede? Is that true?

    Weeks always follow those patterns for me too, ha. Have a fun weekend!!

    perfectly priya

  7. I am loving all those neutral colors. You pull it off well.

    I'm jealous that you're going to see Kevin Smith live! I love SModcast.

    Puppy Bowl for sure haha!

  8. Hi dear Hannah, you´re fitting perfect in the landscape and your look is really great and fits perfect to your teint and type. Congratulations!

    And I´m sure that you soon are wearing animal print in big amounts ;-)



  9. Lovely dress. Have fun during this weekend!


  10. Oh I like this dress! Natural colorblocking is something I would also like to do :) Really nice!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. oooooooh that dress is really cool. Can't believe you're seeing Kevin Smith! So. Jealous.


  12. Oh, I love your plans. How fun. The outfit looks good too.

  13. i ADORE your dress. it sounds like you have a GREAT weekend ahead of you!

  14. I think the dress is perfect just the way it is :-) Definitely one of those special pieces...and surely one that is hard to give up. Love those boots too - sometimes I long to wear an outfit like this...simple and very chic. My figure just doesn't seem to want to cooperate with that idea though. Have a fun weekend seeing Kevin Smith! I'm back at my parent's for the weekend celebrating birthdays...and then on to the Super Bowl party, which I will admit, I really could care less about...ha! xoxo Marisa

  15. Oh wow, that colorblocked dress is perfect in the neutrals! Love how you matched the scheme perfectly with the black tights and tan boots :)

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  16. Beautiful! I love the tree photo and how it almost looks colour blocked too

  17. Love the dress and booties! All the neutrals look amazing together! :)


  18. Thanks for the super sweet comments on my blog, hannah :) I love this outfit on you, and what great pictures these are! You really look fabulous in it. Daniel and I just used yesterday to putter around, go to the farmer's market and Whole foods and explore outside and take photos. Today we join my family for the superbowl party!!! (haha, where I will watch none of the superbowl :D) I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! :)


  19. I love this dress. It looks so good on you! Neutrals make me uncomfortable, but this rules. Also KEVIN SMITH? I'm so jealous! I've loved him forever. Mallrats is easily one of the best movies, everrrr.

  20. Hi dear! Love your blog damn much! Wanna follow each other via GFC? :)

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  21. another super cute dress! what a fun shape on there and wow. these phtos are even more stunning! that creek is so picturesque. hope the live podcast thing was a blast!

  22. I think a lot of people don't like Mondays but I would have to go with Wednesday as the day I don't look forward to, because it's at the middle of the week. It feels like the weekend is so near yet so far, LOL. So I get you :P

    I love this dress. The geometric color blocking is super cute!

    x Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  23. The dress is amazing. I really love your style!