Kona Botanical Gardens

     Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, we left friday morning and didn't get back until last night.  We spent the day exploring the northern part of the island and then heading to Hapuna Beach to stay overnight at a hotel there.  Hapuna beach is absolutely gorgeous, I highly recommend it if you are ever on the big island of Hawai'i!  
     These pictures were taken on the day my mom and I went on a mini thrift store adventure.  One of the thrift stores was part of a cool little botanical garden that we had all to ourselves.  I am really loving a really light turquoise or mint with red right now, and some of the palms and greens ands reds too!  It was super hot this day and I think the heat was making me slightly delirious, hence the third picture down.  Classy, as usual!



Outfit Details:
Skirt: thrifted
Hat: target
Top: target (I think!)
Shoes: borrowed from mom
Necklace: vintage
Purse: vintage

          Tomorrow morning we leave early and start off on our adventure around the island.  We will be staying on the Hilo side two nights in a house we rented, and we have about a billion things on our list to see, including healing hot springs, black sand beaches, the volcano, and lava tree state park!  Even though I have experienced these things on past adventures here, R has not, and I am so excited for him to see all of the unbelievably beautiful and unique sights!  
     Not sure if I will have my computer with me, but should be back on Wednesday either way! Off to make some Pupus, have a glass of wine, and play some games!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

xo Hannah


  1. These photographs are just beautiful! And your outfit is perfect for the day. I am also loving the color mint right now- I think it will be my favorite hue for the Spring.

  2. love the profile photo. shows the great shape of the skirt. and that necklace is to die for, my goodness!


  3. You're in Hawaii?! Lucky duck! I bet its just gorgeous over there right now :)

  4. This is so pretty, I love your red skirt and hat. xx

  5. Lovely look!))) I like your blog

  6. great skirt & AMAZING necklace... well almost as amazing as the plant life, which I am clearly obsessed with. And on your previous post, I am right w/ ya, I am still fantasizing about moving to Hawaii after finishing grad school. oh and I LOVE your hair like this, so pretty and natural!