Makeover Monday

It's been awhile since I did a Makeover Monday post here!  I thought I would share a cute little makeover I did this past week on a vintage shorts set I bought for the shop.  Recently, I have been looking for sets for the shop, and want it chock full of cute cropped tops and spring items!  When I spied the safari animal print on this set on the racks, I knew it had potential but it was very frumpy in its original state.  So here you have it: the makeover!

To do this makeover, I took up the length of both the shorts and the blouse and then hemmed them.  I also took up the sleeve length a bit after I was done because the original sleeves didn't look quite right on the new cropped top.  
The set will be in the shop later this afternoon :)  Have you ever given a makeover to a piece of clothing? I would love to hear more about it!
xo Hannah


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! I love how you made that work! And the print is just so perfect; I should sent that to my gal pal Amy who is studying Wildlife Conservation - she loves the animal prints!


  2. Nice job! Definitely makes it look more modern :) I love that animal print too

  3. GIRL! See, I would never look at something like that long enough to be able to realize it *actually has potential.* So um, mad props to you for a) seeing its potential and b) actually making it so that it can live up to the aforementioned potential. You rock!

  4. You pull off wearing cropped tops like no other and now can inspire others when they buy this. I'm always so impressed by your ability to see the potential in clothes and change them.

  5. great job, Hannah! I love this makeover!


  6. this is an adorable revamp! you are super talented.


  7. I LOVE THIS! So much so that I'm totally going to try it soon! Thanks for sharing.

    xo The Pretty Secrets

  8. This is so impressive, looks amazing, I love a good makeover.

  9. this is SOOO amazing Hannah!! i'm obsessed w/ this. and i love how you showed the before pic wearing it too to tell what a huge difference your alterations made. def so frumpy at first but good eye spotting the potential. w/ your alteration is look so spot on trend for spring now - absolutely love it!

  10. Ohh what a few snips can do! I actually did a crazy one recently, but I really like it haha. I've been seeing really long, structured vests appearing on Pinterest and I didn't have the faintest idea where I could get one so I made one. By buying a thinnish peacoat from the thrift store and chopping off the sleeves, haha. It actually turned out pretty great!

    xo marlen
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  11. I love this. I have so many things that I've bought specifically to fix up, but I've only done one dress so far.

  12. oh, I love this! cropped tops & tailored shorts are so in right now, so great thinking!!

    and HA, no I have never given anything a makeover. I am not a wizard with sewing, I'm kinda more destructive in that respect.

    ♥ perfectly Priya