DIY Heart Pillow

In the midst of helping R move into his new apartment all weekend, I actually found a bit of free time on Sunday to do some crafting that has been on my list for forever.  Around Valentines Day, I saw an oversized plush heart pillows at target that I really wanted but wanted to try making myself.  I immediately went out and bought red fuzzy fabric, and now three and a half months later, I actually sat down to make the pillow!
Supplies Needed: Fabric, pillow stuffing, scissors, ruler, marker, pins, needle, thread, sewing machine (or you can hand sew it if you are feeling ambitious and don't have a machine!)
1. Draw out a large heart on the back side of the fabric.  I did mine by hand and use a ruler to draw in some center lines so it was even. 
2.  Cut out the heart, but cut about a 1/4 or 1/2 and inch on the outside of the line. This way, you can actually use the line as what you will be following for your seam.
3. Sew along the line, slowly turning the fabric as you go around the curves.
4. Leave an opening in the bottom of the heart so you can easily stuff the polyester filling inside. 
5.  Turn the fabric right side out and stuff, trying to make sure it is even.
6. Hand sew the bottom opening closed with a needle and thread.
TA DA! Now you have a cute throw for your bedroom or couch!
This was my first time trying something like this and it was really easy and more affordable than buying pillows from the store.  I love me some throw pillows, but man can they get pricey! Have you guys ever tried making your own pillows or plush toys before? I think I want to try a kitty stuffed animal or something next! Any recommendations?
xo Hannah
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  1. Ohhh I love this DIY, I got a heart pillow from the hospital after my heart surgery and I loooove it. It's honestly the best little pillow for travelling!

  2. What a beautiful idea. The result is perfect! Love this pillow.


  3. wow! Great DIY! :)

    kisses, Francesca

    visit my blog: http://curlybrown01.blogspot.it/

  4. Eeep! I start my sewing class tomorrow - I cannot wait to start making (sewing!) some crafty projects! :) Your hemming skills are truly an inspiration. Shorter hems are coming soon. :) xo

  5. I've never tried but you made it look so easy! Nice result! :)


  6. Fantastic idea! I love anything to do with hearts.

  7. Throw pillows ...or even pillow covers are so ridiculously expensive, it's a crime! This is so adorable Hannah. I'm going to need to find time this summer to sew a few of my own - not sure why I never even thought to do this! I love how the red heart looks against the neutrals on your bed...pretty, pretty. If I could manage a fox for the baby's room and an owl for Keane's room, I'd be one happy camper :-)

  8. Woah, well I love this heart pillow, and I just realized I have the SAME bedspread as you!

    perfectly priya