Socks and Tights

Socks and tights, knee highs and tights, tights and tights...  Colorado has turned to its appropriately freezing temperatures for December, so if I want to continue to wear my favorite dresses, I have to master the art of layering leg-wear.  In these pictures I chose one of my favorite combos, tights (they're the same color as my skin, you can't see em'!) and above the knee socks.  Just wait til you see the tights on tights combo I came up with for later this week!

Outfit Details:
Blouse:  Vintage- for sale in the shop!
Shoes: Vintage/ thrifted
Skirt & Jacket: thrifted
Knee Socks: Target
Collar Necklace: Romwe
     In other important news besides the ever-important discussion of my socks and the weather, I am getting prettttty excited about my upcoming vacation.  Coming into work this morning wasn't even that terrible for a Monday.  It seems everything in my daily life becomes more manageable when there is something I am really looking forward to looming on the near horizon.  R and I were daydreaming about the trip on the way into work this morning and it is actually funny what one of the top thing we are looking forward to is: drinking Kona coffee outside on the porch in the mornings.  There is just something so amazing about just sitting, taking in the scenery and warm air.  Usually coffee is used as an aid to wake me up in the mornings, to reduce stress, and to get me through a work day.  It is a rare occasion when I can just sit and enjoy a cup for what it is!  That and the fact that Kona coffee is one of my favorite coffees in the world!
    I have an exciting giveaway coming up a little later this week, so make sure to check back!  And even though its Monday, just remember the holidays are quick approaching and good times are ahead!
xo Hannah


  1. what a great outfit! love it from tippee top to toe. i love layers, tights socks boots the works. Its been mild here so far but definitely gotten colder lately. I kinda like it!xx

  2. Oh my goodness....you are going to have such a great time...and the best part of vacation IS waking up and enjoying your coffee in the sunshine knowing you have no obligations, expecations, or worries....ahhhhh....that will be the life, my dear! :)

  3. love the bare trees in the photos. great outfit, love the tights and socks, I want to try this! can't wait to see photos from your vacation!

  4. I like the blouse and the coat!


  5. Agh your high socks are adorable. I wish I could pull them off like you! And I'm surprised it hasn't started snowing over there yet?! Make sure to take tons of photos while you're on vacation :)

  6. oh my word, it was so cold in the city over the weekend that i tried to do a little photoshoot…and the poor little girls just started sobbing before we even started. : / poor things. it was absolutely bitter out. i think your outfit is so cute…i especially love the knee socks and blouse. you do the retro thing well. teach me your ways, or at least do some thrifting for me! haha! very excited for you for your trip too..it's true, it's much easier to get through the day-to-day when you have something REALLY exciting to look forward to.

  7. Love how you styled the skirt with knee socks & loafers, looks cozy - a must indeed!

    <3 Megan

  8. You're so right about the days being more bare able when you're looking forward to something! I'm taking a whole week off of work for christmas, and it starts in about a week! I'm so excited and I even feel less tired at work and afterward!

    On a sartorial note, I love this skirt so much.

  9. You can't even tell you're wearing tights! I am definitely going to have to start layering like this, it's getting far too cold for my liking. Adorable as always, Hannah. I love the print on this top! Also Kona coffee...mmmm....

  10. So cute! I will be watching you to master the art of legwear layering because it is freezing here too!

  11. Cute, cute, cute Hannah! I have been all about the socks and tights together too - I guess that's the good thing about cold weather. I got your package when I arrived home Saturday night and I was jumping for joy when I saw it was from you :) The owl was darling and holy goodness, so was the dress! You nailed me perfectly. Anyways enough ramble, just wanted to say a big thank you and that I cannot wait to style it up. Of course I love your outfit here as always. You have such a knack for finding gorgeous vintage pieces.

    xoxo Marisa

  12. Nice top!. I love prints. I can`t find any good prints like that here.
    Your necklace is very nice too.


  13. Lovely how you styled the blouse and skirt.
    I will be freezing here in Chicago :)
    Looking great


  14. I totally like socks and tights. You are looking great! Also I am in love with that necklace :)

  15. Haha, layers layers layers! I know, its finally getting cold here too.
    Love the print top <3

    Trendy Teal

  16. What a pretty outfit, you are the master of layering! I can't wait for vacation time to simply sit out on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee, but hopefully somewhere warm and sunny!

  17. I totally dig this outfit, it's amazing! Loving the knee high socks and blouse, and that skirt is perfect. I hope you enjoy your upcoming vacation, it sounds like it'll be awesome :)

  18. I feel like you’re ALWAYS going on some vacation or other, take me with you! Haha and I’m very much looking forward to seeing this tights on tights combo you speak of. I always loved knee-highs but they look weird on my legs- I’ll just have to vicariously live through you.

    And in response to your last comment: Me and Marc actually started living together two months into us dating haha, we move faaaast. The pinteresty apartment is going to be our second one, and we’re moving from Chicago to Seattle. Which means I’ll be closer to YOU! Well, still far but closer haha. I’ll work my way down to CO ;)

  19. You have some fierce style miss, I have yet to try the knee socks, but you are pulling them off like it's no big deal! Fabulous :)

  20. I'm SO jealous of your vacation! I LOVE hawaii. It feels like a home away from home to me! I've never actually tried Kona coffee thought, but I've only heard good things!
    I love the knee highs and your pretty top! Your coat is super cute too!

  21. Oooh my gosh I need to find myself some loafers! They look super cute with your socks. Such a darling skirt too-you look perfect :)

  22. wow the combination is amazing, i love the skirt, the cut, color and pattern is very interessting and the blouse is lovely too, so eyecatchy <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  23. This is such a cute look!! That skirt is so awesome. I am headed to chilly Missouri next week and I usually pack lots of tights + over the knee sock looks to stay warm without being frumpy. I love that combo. I bet you are so excited for some warm temps and beaches!!

  24. LOVE this look! Gorgeous skirt and blouse.

    xoxo Britt