Summer Pastels

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was way too short as usual, but I am kind of looking forward to having a normal week.  We had a cooler, rainy weekend here in Colorado which was a very refreshing change of pace to the scorching heat we have been having!  We still managed to ride bikes and eat frozen yogurt though, so our routine didn't change much.
Outfit Details:
Bracelet: c/o Jilzara Jewelry
Collar Necklace: Ampris Loves (won in a giveaway!)
Skirt: vintage (in shop soon!)
Heels: Vintage, for sale in shop
Top: hand-me-down
Sunglasses: Target

These pictures were taken at an old abandoned barn that I pass often on the way to work.  I want so badly to explore the inside, but as you can see, there is a huge no trespassing sign on it, and we had to go under caution tape to even get this close.  I planned most of this outfit around a beautiful bracelet I received from a company called Jilzara Jewelry.  It's a mother daughter team that specializes in handmade polymer clay beads.  I of course love the little floral details and how each bead is unique.  Look at the process they go through to make each bead- SO COOL!  You should definitely stop by their site and take a look at all the fun pieces they have!

I am also wearing an adorable collar necklace I won in a giveaway on the beautiful blog Blooming Leopold.  The collar is made by the talented Carri who runs the etsy shop Ampris Loves. I have been admiring these collars from afar for quite some time now, so I was so excited to win this giveaway! I have barely taken it off since I got it! Carri also has a beautifully curated vintage selection, so make sure to stop by her shop and take a look around!
      The last thing I want to mention is that this little top I am wearing is near and dear to my heart! It was given to me as a hand me down from my childhood babysitter Karyn, and I think it was actually her favorite top in high school in the early 90s! Karyn had a huge part in my up-bringing and taught me valuable life lessons. A classic example: if I ate my food with my hands, she would make me take my smelly socks off and eat wearing the them on my hands! HAHA! She now has a beautiful munchkin all of her own, Ina Leeds, who I cannot wait to meet, and whom I am sure will have impeccable table manners ;)
Happy Monday!
xo Hannah


  1. I LOVE old, abandoned barns. Seriously one of my favorite things is to drive down country roads and spot them. This one is such a beauty! And so are you! Your outfit is so perfectly "summer" and those pink shoes are my absolute favorite part. Adorable.

  2. I love your outfit, especially the shoes and the beautiful pastel floral skirt. The old barn makes a great backdrop, and the no trespassing sign just makes me even more curious about it!

  3. what great photos! i adore that skirt xoxo

  4. i havent gone bike riding in forever- what am i waiting for? and love your background! you always have the most interesting back drops. and that floral skirt is adorable, perfect for a summer monday, right? ;)

  5. Love this! :) The bead pictures are too cool; I remember making clay beads when I was a kid, but I had nothing on these ladies!

  6. Yum! That sounds like such a great way to spend the weekend, especially the fro-yo part. :)
    Your outfit is very cute - the floral skirt is so refreshing.
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  7. What a beautiful location these photos are taken at! Your shoes are awesome as well.

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  8. Bikes and for yo sounds amazing to me (right now where I am it's 4 degrees, I'm in bed and I'm still cold!!) you also look lovely :) xx Elly

  9. What an amazing way to make jewellery, it reminds me of seaside rock (not sure if that's just a British thing but it's a candy stick with writing all the way through)! Your outfit is so pretty too, very elegant and ladylike. :)
    Faye x

  10. I love your skirt and shoes, so cute! you also know how to pick great locations :) now following xx


  11. Beautiful! Love this look!


  12. Old barns like this are just so enchanting! There's something so mysterious about abandoned places that I can never help but poke around.

    This whole outfit has me in swoon mode - pastels and that little pop of blues and greens in your bracelet, then completed with the coral shoes is such a brilliant combination. What a sweet hand-me-down from your babysitter. I love pieces that have a special little story behind them:) xx Marisa

  13. Jealous of your cooler, rainy weather! Utah needs that SO badly! But I'm so glad because I know Colorado has been in desperate need as well!
    LOVE your shoes... actually I just really love your whole outfit :)

  14. What a pretty outfit and the colour of the shoes is perfect.


  15. Wow what nice complements!
    Wanna follow each other? Follow me and I will follow you right back! I swear!


  16. Thanks for commenting on my blog - running into the crush was definitely bittersweet. But it was more sweet than bitter:)

    Thats really neat that you won that beautiful necklace! I love winning things:) I also love that your by "an old abandon barn" those seem to be the coolest. Every time I pass them (which is often I where I live), I wanna pull over and have a mini photo shoot. Lovely post!

  17. that's the loveliest barn...lucky girl to pass it daily. take me there!

    p.s. you look so gorgeous.

  18. I love all the little details on this! Both pieces of jewelry are beautiful. And I just love anything with pastels :)

  19. gorgeous skirt! I might want it... Lol. And those heels are perfect with it!


  20. Such lovely colors! I especially adore your shoes, they are so great. You look wonderful.


  21. haha your babysitter sounds hilarious! she sounds like she was one smart chica! that is so neat that you still have that from her! i love the bracelet those beads are super gorgeous indeed! and i love exploring old broken down places like that too! glad to hear you are still squeezing in treats :D


  22. I love the pastels! So summery! Thanks for the sweet comment yesterday!! You are adorable!

  23. I love your outfit!
    awesome post :)


  24. I love the pastels! The skirt is very adorable and the pumps too! great photography.


  25. I can't believe you still have that top!! I loved it then and STILL love it now- especially on you~ I love how you said I wore it in the "90's" like it was soooo long ago. Oh, wait, it was over 20 years ago... I just had my 20 year highschool reunion! AAAAGGH!

    OK back to you- of course I adore this whole look and everything you're doing on here. Glad to know I had some tiny little part in it. (Even if it is never wearing socks so I can't make you put them on your hands when you eat :)

  26. Lovely outfit!! and what a cute cottage in the background!
    Great you enjoy the necklace, can't wait to see you style it with the other side up too :)

  27. GREAT OUTFIT!!! seriously LOVE this on you!! wear this again, do not sell it! xoxo

  28. Pretty outfit!

    Looking at your blog, I kept thinking this looks a lot like where I live (Wyoming), and was very excited to find you are another Rocky Mountian style blogger :)