Mini Mountain Roadtrip

I finally got the relaxing weekend I have been yearning for! Saturday we just got into R's car and drove into the Rockies to see where the road would take us.  It is so breathtaking and I still am amazed that this astounding amount of natural beauty is so close at hand! It is crazy to me that I can be wearing a summer dress and still be so close to thesensnowy peaks, it sure makes for a terrific backdrop.  We took a few hours with a bunch of stops for exploring and taking in the views, and ended up in Lyons, Colorado, a cute little town with antique and ice cream shops.  We grabbed some lunch and beer at the Original Oskar Blues Brewery - perfection!




Outfit Details:
Head Scarf: vintage/ thrifted
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: Marshalls
Jacket: gift from R's mom

     So, the other amazing thing about this weekend is I finally bought a DSLR camera! After months of saving and research, I chose the Nikon D5100.  It is currently charging and I cannot wait to try it out and start sharing some better quality photography with you guys! (I currently use a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot, which is nice for its price and kind but does not have the manual focus options and quality pictures I am looking to get into!)  
    On another note, I am in love with this little vintage dress I shortened, which is now available in my shop!  I shortened it from a mid calf length and it just turned into a completely new dress.  It was VERY hard to part with to put in my shop, but that is what I originally bought it for, and I am sure it will find a lovely new home! The shoes are also a new acquisition from target- floral, super comfy, and only 10 bucks! Can't beat that!  I hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. Oh a roadtrip, so fun! The mountain looks so awesome in the background. Your dress is so cute, I really like the collar :)

  2. Oh wow, you're so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful area! Also, I'm finding it way too funny that someone carved 'Moose' into the tree, haha :)

  3. Goodness, this outfit couldn't have been any more perfectly put together! I would have a mighty hard time parting with that dress as well methinks. A town full of antique and ice creams shops and surrounded by all that natural beauty - sounds quite heavenly if you ask me.

    Looking forward to seeing all the photos you will be taking with your new Nikon. I swear, it was one of the best gifts I've ever been given. You will love it, I'm sure:)

  4. sounds like a wonderful day! I use a Nikon D3000 with a 50mm lens. Have fun playing with yours!

  5. Congrats to the camera - and looks like a great day! :-)

  6. so jealous of your roadtrip the scenery is just breath taking! :) x

  7. Ok, so I love you right now. Yellow? Colorado? Awesome Etsy shop? Yeeesss.

    I have a DSLR camera, but I'm too much of a dweeb to read (ehem, find) the instructions for how to actually take advantage of all its awesome features! Blah.

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I used to live in Colorado. I still miss it's beauty. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog!
    Catherine Denton

  9. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! Gorgeous photos. I love that tree carving too!

    Pop over to my blog sometime too: http://www.dottypinkdesigns.blogspot.com


  10. Aww, it looks like you have such a lovely time! You looked adorable :)

    Oh, and I can't wait to see the photos taken with your new camera, I'm sure they'll look amazing!

  11. seems like it was such a fun trip you had! love your dress,it's cuuute!!

  12. your voyage looks magical and that dress is adorable.

  13. Cute! I love these photos and that wee dress....and all your other dreamy vintage in your shop! x

  14. What an adorable little dress! Looks/sounds like a perfect little trip too, the snowy mountaintops are beautiful. glad you two got some time to relax finally : )

  15. thanks for your comments!!! you are super sweet! love this dress, it is SO cute. these shots are awesome, looks like a stellar road trip!!!!!