Petals + Pedals

Well I am a pretty happy girl today because... Instagram for Android is finally available!  You can follow me @braidedbandit and make sure to leave your info below if you have an account! I am so very excited!  These pictures are from last week.  It has been sunny and in the high 60s and 70s here for weeks now in Colorado, which is strange because March is usually the snowiest month! It reached 80 both days this weekend and it was glorious.  That said, it snowed today with a drop of over forty degrees in two days.  Needless to say, I guess I put away my winter boots and got excited for spring too soon.



Outfit Details:
blouse: vintage/ thrifted
Boots: OLD! Not positive...
Skirt: OLD! Not positive...
Necklace: Gift
Purse: Gift

    My camera is still a little off, so I am not thrilled with these, but it was a cheery work day outfit so I thought I would share anyway!  Also, meet Minnie Moo my beloved bicycle! I am going to try to ride my bike to work every day that its at least semi-nice out.  It is great exercise, good for the environment, and saves me serious money on gas!  You can't really go wrong with that.
    Another little tidbit of exciting news is that I hemmed my first vintage dress this weekend! I am so excited for the possibilities this skill will open up for me- everything in the thrift stores will now be seen in a different light if I can do simple alterations! I forgot to take before and after pictures, but I took about a foot of length off of an 80s day dress, and it made it look like a whole new garment! It kept its vintage charm but definitely became more wearable and relevant for everyday modern wear, hooray!
    Alright, well I hope everyone is having a good start to the week! I am off to finally see the Hunger Games after work and have a popcorn and snacks movie dinner- my favorite! 
xo Hannah
p.s. Petals and Pedals... get it?!


  1. You look lovely, as does Minnie Moo! I wish I could do alterations, it would help so much when looking around charity shops if I knew I could slightly change - or drastically change - the look and the style of slightly outdated pieces! Lucky!

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog by the way darling!

    Pip x

  2. thanks for your super sweet last comment, here my reply it's always hard to check back "Hannah- how funny I had that same epiphany but have since completely overdone it. ; )" & now... you look absolutely adorable! love that blouse & esp w/ the necklace, so pretty! always forget necklaces can look good w/ collared blouses. Glad to hear you're enjoying the nice weather! I ride my bike to work every day & couldn't recommend it more.

  3. I've been hemming up a storm lately too! I still have a ways to go with mastering it, but you're so right...it opens up the door to so many possibilities. I can't believe you got snow! Wishing you plenty of warm weather again soon.

    Your little polka dot shirt is adorable! I love the turquoise necklace with it. Such a cheery combo indeed! Now I'm off to find you on instagram. I'm under @shadesofmonet :) Happy weekend! xx Marisa

  4. Such cuteness! I love the polka dots.

  5. The whole outfit enchilada is great! I have been searching for a statement necklace as a graduation gift for Jillian (hope she doesn't snoop this comment!) Also, I love your sweet cruiser bike I'm glad you got a chance to use it!

    hannah of hitherandthither