Black and Gold

Hello lovelies,
     As predicted it is another snowy day here in Colorado.  Sloshing to the bus is going to get old pretty quickly!  Yesterday when I found out it was going to snow I went to Whole Foods to buy stuff to make my own pizza after work.  I figured having something yummy to look forward to would make the day go a little bit quicker.  I bought pre-made dough, so maybe that is cheating, but for me that is about as homemade as it gets! I also bought brie, fresh mozzarella, baby portabella mushrooms, and a tomato to slice on top of it all.  So excited! The only other time I attempted my own pizza was with my best friend/ roommate in college.  She got the dough from Trader Joes and we threw whatever veggies and cheese we could find in the fridge on top.  It turned out SO GOOD! So, at least I have that to look forward too! I would take pictures as evidence of the fact that I am actually cooking, but I did not bring my camera with me today! Its a shame because the snow actually looks really beautiful on the mountains and trees here as well.



Outfit Details:
Velvet heels: vintage/ thrifted
Mustard trousers: UK French Connection for Sears
Striped top: Ralph Lauren/ thrifted
Scarf: Gift from Mom
Earrings: vintage, gift
Ring: gift friend

   I also wanted to share with you guys a little hidden shopping spot that I was super surprised to find! A few weeks ago, I wandered into a Sears Grand (I guess like Super Target?) in search of a shower curtain while on break from work.  I think the last time I entered a Sears was probably when I was about 9 shopping for appliances with my parents! I just never really need to go there.  But I was so happy I did!  I found so many adorable things there and they were all 50-70% off! It was crazy! Apparently French Connection now makes a line for Sears, which is who makes these awesome mustard-hued trousers that are perfect for fall!  So, shocked as I was, I would definitely recommend looking one up if there is one near you.  Maybe it was just a coincidence and I walked in on a lucky sale day, but I will definitely be back there again! If you do go, let me know what you think! All right, that's it for now, happy shopping and happy hump day!
xo Hannah 

P.S.  I would like to note that my leg was NOT recently amputated, as it looks like in the first photograph!  That was just my awkward version of a pose :)


  1. great post hannah. hope the pizza came out well

  2. Aw, those pants are such a great color!

  3. Cute outfit, girl! And I love making home-made pizzas too! I hear that Trader Joe's has the best dough. Glad you got to try it! :)

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  4. ooh, I'm loving those gorgeous pants. I'm SO smitten with mustard hues at the moment and I love that you added the stripes too, so lovely!! Hope your evening is fab! xo veronika

  5. Oh, Yum. Homemade Pizza is the best. And making the dough can be a pain, so I don't blame you, haha.

    Great outfit. I love those colors!