Pineapple + Joggers

Monday, I'm ready for ya! Well kind of...  I did start my day by leaving the house with my pants on inside out.  Luckily it was only to do a little volunteer work feeding a local group of outdoor kitties and I don't think they cared much.  Actually, I am sitting here and they are still inside out, which I will probably forget about and will accidentally leave the house again like this.  

Outfit Details:
Checkered Joggers - Macy's (on sale!)
Pineapple Blouse - Target
Glasses - c/o Firmoo
Shoes - thrifted

Here's an outfit I wore last week.  I love wearing these jogger style pants lately because they're easily dressed up or down and they are so comfy.  If you're interested in trying a pair, I got these on sale from Macy's and they have a pretty cute selection of prints right now!

I am sad the beautiful weekend is gone.  I met up with some of my best guy friends from high school in Denver Friday night and then had a relaxing rest of the weekend, and the weather was unbeatable. Hope you guys are having a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


Mermaid Hair + Red Floral

Hi guys! It's Friday and its warm and sunny, so ya can't beat that!  Well I guess if it were Saturday and warm and sunny that would definitely beat it, but hey we're almost there...
Outfit Details
Dress - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Purse - Vintage
Sandals - gifted
Hair - Arctic Fox in Aquamarine

As most of you probably already saw last week on instagram, my hair is now aqua! Its so fun wearing one of my all time favorite colors on my head and scaring all the grandmas at the grocery store (and R.)  Its not permanent and will wash out over the next month or so.  Even though its not for everyone, I love it and I've had so much fun getting a little more daring with my looks and personal style over the past few years of blogging, because seriously if you can, why not?  If any of you guys are interested I used Arctic Fox hair dye in Aquamarine, and diluted it with their Arctic Mist color and about a cup of white conditioner to get a more pastel aqua.  The dye itself is vegan and non-damaging to your hair and best of all, 15% of their profits go to animal welfare programs.  It is the best of all of the dyes that I have tried so far, and I would highly recommend Arctic Fox to anyone!  If you have any questions about the process, I would be happy to try and help in the comment section!
     Anyway, two of my friends from high school are in town for some snowboarding, and I'm so excited to meet up with them in Denver tonight!  Happy Friday & I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!
xo Hannah


Mount Pleasant Pier

Hi guys! Just a quick hello today to share my last photos from our Charleston trip. I tried to dress comfy and practical for days of lots of walking and exploring.  These were taken out on a fishing pier on our last day.

Outfit Details
Sweater - c/o Oasap
Pants - thrifted
Shoes - H&M
Scarf - vintage/ gift

 Time lately has been spent trying to figure out my life! Anyone else there with me?  I am also adding a bunch of cute new stuff to the shop this week, so keep you eyes peeled for that!
xo Hannah


King Street

Hi guys!  I'm really trying to keep up with everything but it's been tough!  Which is why I am still on my photos from my trip to Charleston a few weeks back...
Outfit Details
Sweater - Target
Blouse - c/o Oasap
Pants - Macys - on sale!
Sneakers - H&M
Sunnies- street market in Italy

Now can you see why R and I are thinking about moving here?! These were taken in the historic downtown area on a day where we just walked exploring for miles and miles.  SO many pretty buildings! The main shopping street, King Street, shuts down to car traffic on every first Sunday of the month and all of the shops and restaurants bring their merchandise outside.  We just happened to catch the first Sunday on a beautiful sunny day.  We went to brunch at Hominy Grill (yum), strolled King Street, explored an old cemetery, and even took a horse and carriage ride!

Also, I dyed my hair light turquoise, which I will post more about soon!
xo Hannah


Irish Tartan

A blogger without a green post lined up for St. Patrick's Day, what a travesty! But hey, I'm wearing tartan and that can be Irish so I'm going with it.
Outfit Details:
Plaid Jumper - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Venice Beach Shirt - Ross
Tote- Baggu

These are the first group of photos taking on our trip to Charleston, SC last week at the beautiful Folly Beach.  The weather forecast before we left called for cooler weather with rain so we were not prepared for the beautiful sunny beach days we actually got!

Anyway, off to work on my taxes, work on the shop, and prepare for a new job I start tomorrow! Hope you guys have a fun St. Patrick's day (though not as fun sounding as mine, right)?!
xo Hannah


B&W and New Specs

Hi guys!  It's been awhile, but with good reason.  Last week we went on a little trip to Charleston, SC, which was beautiful and I will share some photo soon.  When we arrived home, a pipe in our bathroom had burst so we walked into water that had been GUSHING into the inside of our house for a few days.  It sounded like a waterfall when we opened the door.  Not fun.  So now we are in the middle of a construction zone with ripped up wood floors, walls, and industrial fans buzzing 24/7.  At least it convinced us to leave our house a lot this weekend!  So yeah, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat to all of those things.
Outfit Details:
Glasses - c/o Firmoo
Pants - h&m
Blouse - Marshalls
Scarf - Italy
Boots - old

   I am excited to show you guys my brand new glasses from Firmoo, even if the outfit itself is nothing to write home about.  When the glasses arrived in the mail last week, I didn't want to take them off.  I usually only wear glasses for driving, but since I actually really like the look and fit of this pair, it made me want to wear them more often.  I like that they are slightly oversized in shape, but not too much as to be cartoonish.  If you are interested in this exact pair, you can find it here, and I can honestly say they come highly recommended from me!  I just filled out my prescription information online, and had my glasses within about two weeks of placing the order.  If you have never ordered from Firmoo before, they are also giving new customers 50% off their first pair here!  Did you guys have a good weekend?  I will hopefully be back to more normal posting now!
xo Hannah


Shades of Grey

This outfit reminds me of my friend michelle because grey and pink is her jam.  Do you have any color combinations that remind you of specific people?

Outfit Details
Babydoll Dress - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Pink Blouse - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Shoes - BAIT Footwear
Tights - Target
Hat - thrifted
Coat -gift from Mom

     I am getting really excited about our little trip to Charleston this weekend. Still taking any recommendations if you guys have any!
    Also, I am going to open a little shop my closet site for non vintage items of mine in the next week or so.  I am going to do it on instagram and then one place online.  Have you guys ever done a closet shop, and if so, which site would you recommend using for it?  These pink bait footwear heels will be part of the sale and they've only been worn a handful of times and are in great condition (size 8.5). Thanks guys, hope you're having a warm and productive week!
xo Hannah


Pinstripe Pink

It's about that time again where I've got to say goodbye to the pink hair for now.  It was my last bottle of dye and its almost all rinsed out.  I'm also trying to find a part time job to do temporarily alongside by shop, so I'm going to hold off for a short while before i delve into another crazy color even though I want to!
Outfit Details
Blouse- vintage (thrifted)
Pants - Calvin Klein (thrifted)
Purse - Dooney & Bourke (thrifted)
Shoes - gift from Mom
Hat - Eddie Bauer
Necklace - handmade in Hawaii

So the big news around here is that R and I are flying to Charleston, S.C. this weekend, as we are thinking about moving there at some point!  We have actually never been there in person, so it may seem crazy, but both R and I miss the coastal lifestyle and are ready for a bit of a change.  We have been doing a lot of research on Charleston and it seems like such a fun, interesting, and charming city, so we are excited to go and check it out!  I really enjoyed this little city guide from Design Sponge if you want to read a little more about the city.  If any of you have ever visited and have any suggestions of things we have to see, eat, or do while we are there, I would love to hear your recommendations!
xo Hannah