Friday's Favorite Finds {Vol.7}

 Happy Friday!  Here are a few of my favorite finds from the past week! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Marlen and Katie both styled amazing Fall looks this week! I love the warm colors and the retro sunnies!

These plaid and Polka Dot Bow Hair Clips from Forever21 are the cutest!

Everyone should check out this Ethical clothing directory from the Pineneedle Collective. It is all really cute clothes that you would actually want to wear at affordable prices, yet ethically made!

 Even though I am a coffee enthusiast, all of the different types of coffee drinks are still baffling to me.  This article from the Huffington post did a really good job of explaining what goes into all of the most common coffee drinks!

Primrose print from The Black Apple on Etsy. I really love her work!

This Workspaces and Studios board from Plexida on pinterest is so good.  I want to work in every single one of these spaces.  All of Plexida's boards are great actually.

This Mountain Pillow from Colette Bream on Etsy is adorable and would look so cute
 on my grey and white bed!
XOXO! Hannah


  1. Great finds. Love these pretty bows.

    Giveaway on http://myurbanmarket.blogspot.it

  2. You're as talented when it comes to curating as you are with creating :)

  3. Oh, those mountain pillows would look good on our grey and white bed too! (Great minds, eh?)

    I am really loving all these thing. Great curating.

  4. Found a new blog today, thanks for sharing! And love that pillow <3 Alex


  5. Hehe, I love how everything is slowly turning into fall... even your little friday favorite finds! I really gotta check out that clothing website--it looks lovely!

  6. I love little articles about coffee. And I saw Katie's and Marlen's outfits this week. Both were so cute!

    Flounces & Hubbub

  7. Aww I've never read Katie's blog before so thank you for linking to it!

  8. awww that mountain pillow! and youre the sweetest for featuring me :D

  9. Oh gosh, you're too sweet! Thanks for the shout out! I love these posts because I get introduced to lots of fun and adorable shops :) That print from the Black Apple is just gorgeous.

  10. they are both such cuties Mar & Katie! i 'd never have thought of their looks being similar til you put them together but they tot are but so diff, love them both!! also, i love that painting.and the ethical directory of course is amazing. i recommended your shop to her a while back when i saw that but forgot to comment here.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda