Primary colors and bow flats

Hello lovelies,
    Fancy seeing you here!  This is just going to be quick as I am still unfortunately at work.  It is so depressing to be here after it gets dark! When I get home I feel like its already time to go to bed.  I guess sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day! At least ones with light.  This outfit is something I wore to work the day before the snow.  I found the perfect little bow flats finally, which I have been searching for for a while now! They are white, but I figured if I paired them with colored tights I could make them work for fall and winter too.


Outfit DetailsL
Bow Fats: vintage/ thrifted
Tights: Sears Grand
Skirt: thrifed
Blazer: vintage/thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Yellow Top: Old Navy
Scarf Bow: vintage/thrifted
Stacking Doll Necklace: Forever21

     I am really looking forward to this weekend, as I get to see friends  have not seen in awhile and partake in some really fun festivities.  Tomorrow night I am meeting a girl I used to work with and some of her friends after work and going to a show.  I think I am going to wear my unicorn head costume because it is close to halloween, and what could be better than a dancing unicorn.  The other girls will be wearing wigs, so I may bring that too and just decide how crazy I feel when I get there.  Then Saturday I am going to a costume party in Washington Park in Denver, which is a beautiful part of the city that you should check out if you are ever in the area! I am going to be a character from the TV show/ book series "Game of thrones".  I will try to get some pictures both nights.  I cannot wait to see everyone's Halloween costumes! What is everyone being? Anyway, have to run for now but if I do not post tomorrow, then have a great weekend! Also, I apologize for the wrinkles in the outfit pictures, it was just one of those mornings!

xo Hannah


Best of Etsy: Polka Dot Frocks

Hello Lovelies,
        This week I am starting a brand new feature on the blog that highlights the "best of Etsy" for a certain trend.  I am really excited to be able to feature some of my favorite fellow Etsians and share with you their amazing vintage clothing, artwork, or whatever it may be.  This week's feature is a current favorite of mine, polka dot frocks!  These lovely sellers were chosen for great styling, photography, and of course, the enviable dresses themselves! All of these dresses are also $50 or under, what a steal! Enjoy!








It started snowing last night here in the front range and it is STILL snowing! This is a little too early for full on winter for me! My car was pretty covered and stuck, so I took the bus and then walked the rest of the way to work.  Luckily, I brought my camera and made it into a little adventure so it wouldn't be miserable! Hopefully I got a few nice snow shots.  I made Hawaiian Kona coffee this morning and it was a little depressing, I want to be on an island instead of bundled up in front of a computer at work.  At least the snow is really beautiful, I just wish I could stay home watching movies with hot cocoa with maybe some intermissions for snow fort building! Anyway, hope you all are having a lovely day, and make sure to stop by next week for the next round of "Best of Etsy".  Thanks to all of these great Etsy sellers as well for having such lovely items to feature! 

xo Hannah


Chevron and Crazy Weather

Hello Lovelies,
       The weather has been absolutely crazy this week here in the front range in Colorado.   Yesterday, it was 80 degrees and sunny out. I wore jeans and a t shirt and was hot when I went outside! Summer weather in October, I will take that.  Then today, it was actually appropriate fall weather in mid 50s.  But TOMORROW is supposed to be in the low 20s and snowing all day! So within a three day period, we literally transitioned through all the seasons! One of my friends posted something that said: "flip flops yesterday, snow boots tomorrow."  At least this keeps things interesting!

      Anyway, our mini vacation to the mountains this weekend was perfect.  The weather was great, our lodge-room's balcony had the most amazing view of the ranch and the mountains, and we got to go out to a nice dinner and get a fancy drink! Even though it was only for one night, the drive was worth it I think. 


Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage/ thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Necklace: gifted, vintage
Hair bows: Forever21

This outfit post was taken in front of an awesome barn like building.  I loved how the bright red color contrasted the black dress.  This dress was such an amazing vintage find.  It is a heavy enough material to keep toasty warm in fall and winter and the chevron pattern is perfect.  It will soon be available in my shop!  If you are interested in it before you see it listed, feel free to leave me a comment and we can work something out privately via email! Well, I am off for now, I need to prep for the snow tomorrow! It is really sad that I cannot even hope for a "snow day" at work because I get paid hourly and need the money! Bummer!
xo Hannah


Red in the Rockies

Hello!  I am so glad its Friday. Yesterday was the boyfriend's birthday! Twenty five! I am going to be turning 25 as well in a little over a month, and I don't want to! I feel like 25 is the age where you should have your life in semi-order, and at least know what your career is and where you want to be and stuff like that.  I definitely do not have all that together yet! Oh well...  Sometimes it is more fun not having it all laid out and just playing it by ear I guess! That's how I usually do things anyway. Plus, with my severe case of wanderlust, I doubt I will ever be settled in one place for a very long time, at least until I am a little older!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: vintage/thrifted
Blouse: vintage/thrifted
Plaid Hair Bow: Target
Pants: Marshalls (I think)
Loafers: vintage/ thrifted
Belt: unknown (came with a dress)
Socks: Sears Grand

These pictures were taken sometime last week.  I found this amazing vintage had-woven sweater, which should be up in my shop as soon as I get a free day and some good light to take item listing pictures!  I love the winter red with the flowers woven into it! Even the gold buttons have a really nice design on them, but you cannot see them that well in these pictures.  The last two pictures are from a walk Rob and I took a few weekends ago.  We just wandered around on a trail for about an hour and eventually ended up at a coffee shop, it was really nice (until a bee landed in my expensive caramel apple cider and I had to throw it away!)

Tomorrow morning Rob and I are headed to Rocky Mountain National Park again to a little mountain town.  I made him a certificate for a mini weekend getaway at a lodge as part of his birthday present, and my parents are providing a nice dinner on them for their contribution to his birthday.  The place we are staying has archery, ice skating, zip lining, swimming, camp fires, and a lot of other really cool activities that are offered as part of your stay! So excited! And it is probably one of the last times we will be able to easily get into the mountains before big snow starts to arrive here in Colorado.  Anyway, hopefully it will be fun and worth the drive for only one night's stay.  I think it will be! I will post pictures next week of our outing.  Have a great weekend!

xo Hannah


The Velvet Bird Giveaway

Hello! Just wanted to share an adorable new collection I discovered today from The Velvet Bird's Vanessa.  I want the first dress so badly, the combination of plaid, fall colors, and a big bow is just perfect!  Vanessa is doing an amazing giveaway for one of her readers to win one of the pieces from the new collection! You can find out more details about how to enter here.  Hope you are all having a great Monday!

xo Hannah



Pumpkins and Weekend Festvities

Hello! Happy Friday to everyone.  I for one, am glad this week is almost over, though I did get a lot done! I thought I would share with you guys the craziness that is our front yard right now!  Last weekend I came home to our yard being filled with SEVENTY TWO pumpkins.  Yes, you read that right.  My roommates apparently found perfectly good pumpkins in a dumpster, probably thrown out after an event or something.  Now they are decorating the yard and being sold to friends and neighbors! Also, this way you get to see a little peak at what my house looks like too!  I love that the ivy that grows on it is turning fall colors, and goes so well with the color of the house itself!  




Outfit Details:
Skirt & Blouse set: vintage/ thrifted
Velvet Heels: vintage/thrifted
Tights: Sears Grand, Joe Boxer
Scarf: thrifted
Cardigan: Target

I am very excited for this weekend! I feel like I have just enough planned to keep busy with but also allowing for some down time.  Tonight, I am headed to meet a friend I haven't seen in forever at a vegetarian restaurant in Denver I have been dying to try called City O' City. Perhaps we will grab a drink afterward too.  Then tomorrow, I will be going to a little meetup with some people at the farmer's market, followed by lunch at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.  Another must see if you are ever in the area!  I hopefully have some down time to get some items up in the shop. Then on Sunday the BF and I are hopefully going on a long bike ride and picnic! We both got new bikes within the last few months and have only gotten to ride them once together.  It is supposed to be beautiful so hopefully I can bring my camera along and get some good pictures too! I hope you all have a terrific weekend! 
xo Hannah


The Dollhouse

Oh Monday, why are you always so long and terrible! I guess it always seems that way after a nice weekend.  The weather was not so great, but it was pretty relaxing and the bf and I still managed to make the most of it.  On Friday night, we had a pretty terrific dance party.  Maybe thats sad considering it was just the two of us and an ample amount of fall and pumpkin beer!  He has a really nice record player and he turned out to be a pretty great DJ as well.  Lots of old school hip hop vinyl, and he taught me how to work it too!  Saturday was pretty dreary, but Sunday actually turned out to be a really nice day, even though the forecast predicted rain.  We took a meandering walk for a few hours on the open space trails behind his house, and there were prairie dogs ALL OVER! I am from New Jersey and have only lived here in the mountains for a little over a year, so wildlife is still really exciting to me, especially when a camera is on-hand! We concluded the walk at a fancy coffee shop and then got a little baked good treat each! Completely canceling out any actual exercise, but that's okay!

I thought I would share a few outfit shots that were taken in September.  I found this little 80s birthday party dress at one of my favorite places Buffalo Exchange, which I HIGHLY recommend you check out if you are in the Boulder or Denver area.  Here is a list of all of their other locations too (the map is sequined, how can you not like this store!)

Shoes: Thrifted
  Tights: Unknown
Necklace: from a local craft fair (thanks mom!)
Kitty: the neighbors!

These were actually shot in front of an adorable little playhouse in the BFs backyard.  It has so much wear and charm to it, and with the bright pink dress I felt like a huge doll come to life.  I thought I would bring a little (big) pop of color to the blog, because the typical fall outfits are much more muted!  The best part was when the neighbor's kitty decided to make a cameo in the back of the shots.   Hope you all are having a good Monday, or if not, that it is at least over soon!  <3


Grand Lake Mini Vacation

Hello Lovelies,
     How has it been three weeks already since my last post!? How time flies.  Last weekend my parents were here visiting from New Jersey and we had a great week.  Unfortunately, I still had to work full time during the week, but we still managed to eat delicious meals and catch up over wonderful dinners around Boulder.  There are seriously SO MANY terrific restaurants in this town, and it was fun to share some favorites with them while also trying some new places.  Then, last weekend, we into Rocky Mountain National Park to the lovely little town of Grand Lake.  It was really quaint and beautiful and just what the doctor ordered!  My boyfriend, his mom, and two of our family friends came as well.  We went hiking, continued the week's theme of pigging out, and played games in the lovely Mustang Lodge we rented.  Thought I would share a few pictures from the weekend.

       Karyn, our family friend who actually babysat my brother and I for years, and her husband Jeff, are expecting their first baby next month!  I got to snap a few pictures of them on the hike so she could share the baby belly with friends and family online. So fun, and I am pretty sure she was less tired than me on the hike too.  Anyway, it was an all around good time.  It did however make it even harder to go back to real life afterwards!  I have so many things to list in my shop, and I am going to try to put up at least one outfit post tonight or tomorrow, I have been slacking!  I hope you have all been having a terrific fall weekend!